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Great Changes are Upon You

Image: The peridot sun birthing out of dark matter is fusing with the living matter of the earth and its beings. This means your body, the atoms, the cells are being infused with Christ Consciousness. And it includes animals, plants, and all living & it feels like even non-living matter. We are made up of atoms and the glue or energy that holds atoms together is Christ Consciousness or tri-wave which is the basis of our universe.

Also, you can check out the latest #Short on YouTube a few days ago, Expand & Let Old Personality Traits to Dissolve.

This message came forward from the essence of this drawing before I even finished it from the essence or Spirit of Christ  Consciousness.

“Great changes to your matter world are upon you. You have done the work to bring through these great changes. The old matter world is liquifying so to speak to be cleansed and washed. You look around and everything looks the same. Great care was taken to look seamless but underneath, within you, you feel that something’s not the same. The matter world, even your physical body is recreating itself over and over which happens in smaller than ‘nanoseconds’ of time. It’s an illusion that you are solid. And so, in these “infinite bits of time” or fractals to time if you wish, the underlying foundation of your matter world has changed.

The liquid matter or antimatter some might say is  churning like lava in a volcano and liquifying the old. What emerges is something new which is beginning to crystallize into form out of that dissolution. The mountains look the same but is not. The plants look the same but is not. The sky looks the same but is not. What’s the most difficult is your mind and your perceptual beliefs that it still looks like the sky or the mountain so i must be delusional. However, within yourself, you know. You know something’s changed. You know you’re walking a different path where the old cannot go with you. It saddens you in some ways for it feels like another death.

These deaths have been many in the last few years and have not been easy. Family members might be passing from the physical which is sad. There is trauma to feel in the body and that is also not easy but steps in this process of healing. There is healing happening at all levels and in between spaces you did not know existed. The ultimate healing of eons of time are taking place but there is a trajectory, a future, when all this is healed. Yes, even what you call the fallen ones, the archons, the negatives as some call them. They are all healed.

The Eyes of Truth and the Christ Consciousness is flowing to you like never before. Your future healed selves are available to you like never before. Some spiritual human guides tell you to see yourself or another as fully healed, and thus, the Prime Creator sees you and all the fallen ones as healed. This is the course, the trajectory, the full timeline opening, and the Ouroboros has closed a vast Creation Cycle.”

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