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Ignite Your Soul Presence & the Lyran 8-8 Gate

Ignite Your Soul Presence in the Earth

This is a blog post first shared on our Patreon page on 8/7/23 so the language reflects that. Note: there's a free meditation link below but the link is good through Saturday, 8/12. It will continue to be available for all our Patreon members regardless of the level.

8-8-23 Brief update: First, the image above depicts your soul spark or essence igniting in the earth. Today, I woke to an vision of a rainbow colored grid. I heard, “new quantum field.” This afternoon, I’m seeing that stepping on it lights up the grid and beautiful harmonic sounds are emanating. And as I write this, there are many refined sounds and tones, tunes emanating. It is distracting Samantha and I can feel it through my body. Waves coursing through the body and the bones so be aware if it’s making you dizzy, wobbly, and/or your autist or other children seem dysregulated. It’ll be an adjustment for many of us.

I’m sharing a meditation I recorded yesterday. The inspiration was my children. I was in a state of concern for their future. I inquired what I should do and Chris, particular, showed me a meditation to ignite his soul presence on the earth.

This meditation is dedicated to my children but really appropriate for anyone since we are embodying in a whole new way and can establish our presence on the earth. We are made of earth matter, and therefore, can work directly with the earth - Gaia, Tara, and Terra in particular.

Samantha showed me a crystalline dragon egg to shield ourselves as we work with this meditation. I also called on the earth dragons including the Mother 13D dragon, Zaëya, and the 15D Father dragon, Ishmaya. Also, a dragon from the 7higher heavens, Dragar, and we work with a double diamond fire serpent. Use your discernment whether this mediation feels right for you at this time, and whether it’s right for your children. It might be very intense and bring up a lot of clearing at cellular and subatomic levels.

The accompanying image is of the earth in a rose goldish octagon - an 8 sided polygon. The 8-8 no longer feels like the Lion’s Gate but rather the Lyran Gate. First, though, let me say a little about the number ‘8’. Several years ago a very young Autist showed me an interesting perspective of the energy of ‘8’. I think he was 2 years old at the time. He showed me that 8 is an exponential number because 8=2 cubed (I can’t do superscript on this) which is 2X2X2. Three 2’s. Briefly, he said that ‘2’ is a special number because it represents Prime Creator, the Mother and Father in union. And ‘3’ is important because it is the number of the Cosmic Christ or the tri-wave because when the Father and Mother created a third, 3, then creation took a whole new direction. Thus ‘8’ is a very powerful exponential number so I’m seeing the 8-8 as an amplification of the 7-7-7. Another exponential activation underway. It feels like the quantum field is being shaken up.

Re: this 8-8 gate that some call the Lions gate but I started calling the Lyran Gate since last year, today after some clearing, I’m seeing the Cradle of Lyra. The Lyrans I’m referring to here is the 15D founder race Lyrans and as some of you may recall, the Lyrans are one of the founders who seeded humanity. The genetic blueprint was then placed in the cradle of Lyra which is in the 4th harmonic universe or 10,11,12D. The Lyrans showed me today that the physical access to our physical world, cradle of Lyra that is, is amplified because of the quantum field access changes. Will have to see what this means going forward but it definitely affects our genetic blueprint.

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