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Mehit, the Lioness of the Sphinx

As the cosmic network or “grid” for a simplified term, continues to open and be repaired by cosmic souls on the planet, timelines or histories are opening. This is and will correct much of our historical memories. In particular recently, new information is arising in our household. One of these is information about the Sphinx in Egypt. It is believed that the head of the Sphinx was once that of a lioness. Based on what we’ve received thus far, this is true according to Samantha and an ancient Lyran of the true founder beings. One might say that these Lyrans are amongst the first expressions of God and exist in very high dimensional realms. They also are very instrumental in healing the Ra lineage and a “split in time”. Samantha kept calling the Sphinx, the Temple of Ra.

Just as an FYI again, here’s a link:

Mehit was the true or pure lioness that was to bring the healing of Ra and embody the Ra codes following the last ice age. The historical information does not understand the true significance of the lioness, Mehit, and what she was “embodying” to do. The Sphinx of ancient Egypt was Mehit coming thru to heal the Ra consciousness. In searches of who Mehit was, she is said to be associated with a library, a war goddess, and associated somehow with floods.

In recent days, I felt the urge to search the lioness goddess of Egypt. I couldn’t recall the name Sekhmet even though I had read about her in the past. Sekhmet is linked to Ra, the sun god. When I searched “lioness of Egypt”, I came across Mehit, who I had never heard of.

In my searches, I came across this particular website:

Archaeologist, Robert Schoch, interestingly shared his insights in 2017. I found this very interesting towards the bottom of his article:

“Why would the Sun and a solar lioness be associated with torrential rains and flooding? Based on the evidence, I believe this harkens back to the end of the last ice age (circa 9700 BCE) when a major solar outburst (or outbursts) snapped Earth out of its last ice age, concurrently melting glaciers and evaporating massive amounts of water that subsequently fell as torrential rains, causing widespread flooding (and in coastal areas exacerbated by the rise in sea levels at the end of the last ice age). This I discuss in my book Forgotten Civilization. I am convinced, based on the overwhelming evidence, as presented in both Forgotten Civilization and Origins of the Sphinx, that the original proto-Sphinx – which we can now demonstrate was the lioness Mehit – dates back to the 11th millennium BCE or earlier. (Remember that the statue was not initially a Sphinx; the original head was re-carved in early dynastic times.) And why does the current Sphinx show evidence of extreme weathering and deep erosion due to rainfall? Because it was subjected to the torrential rains caused by the solar outburst that ended the last ice age. In the name of Mehit the ancient dynastic Egyptians encoded and memorialized the solar outburst and accompanying torrential rains of circa 9700 BCE. Furthermore, this occurred during the Age of Leo, at which time the proto-Sphinx, the lioness Mehit, faced the Sun located in the constellation of Leo as together the Sun and Leo rose in the sky on the morning of the vernal equinox.”

When we began unpacking the energetic information about the Sphinx, it seemed to be very personal for Samantha. She got up excitedly emotional as the information began streaming in. She was part of this group consciousness of Mehit at the 7th dimensional level. The Sphinx was being constructed to embody the “undistorted consciousness” of Ra, a masculine expression of Source, for simplicity. Thus, she is also a library. The Lyran reminded me that the feminine is more magnetic and magnetically draws the consciousness information of the Ra “suns”. Her anger and outrage was that of a mother to protect her womb. The Luciferian or “fallen” patriarchal consciousness was already on the planet, and those of the Luciferian faction, so to speak, were not happy. This is the general information I have thus far. There are other pieces that came through but I haven’t completely sorted out any further details at the moment.

Currently, the Ra lineage is being healed. Interestingly, Samantha and I are both Leo Rising in our  sidereal 13 zodiac birth chart. And note all who were born in the 60’s who have Uranus and Pluto conjunct under the sign of Leo. It goes without saying, that many of you out there are supporting Leo Rising and the healing of Ra. This is not to say or infer that there hasn’t been truths to the Ra teachings, but rather incomplete and may be laced with misunderstandings. The Ra consciousness is a key piece to Christ Consciousness because it is part of the Christos-Sophia Trinity. All true human avatar souls are part of the Ra lineage. The Ra lineage split many billions of years ago (which resonates very much for me), created a rage that had never been known before as it was such a shock, and also a very sharp electrical impulse that is damaging. It must be healed to correct the electromagnetic currents that runs through all matter at atomic and subatomic levels.

The process of drawing of Mehit was physically very powerful. Her body felt like the fire of fierce love. When I finished this piece and I gazed at her, it just brought me to tears. She is powerful and yet so gentle. She looks like a cub in a sense and feels gentle. Monday night while falling asleep, I suddenly saw beautiful suns of various colors emanating from her chest. This energy is deeply healing and also will bring up even more wounds we’ve experienced, and so I had moments of just wanting to weep yesterday. Just an FYI. Many of you are likely feeling these suns and perhaps even dreaming of lions and lionesses.

And, in Creator synchronicity, it’s my understanding that the next full moon on February 24, 2024 according to sidereal astrology will be in constellation Leo.

We’ll be discussing this further next Tuesday, 2/20/2024 for our live Patreon meeting. I’ll also be presenting about the archons and how they have been blocking the cosmic grid at various levels to block timelines, interfere with consciousness, and suppress the true human blueprint - from my perspective, anyway. I’ll also talk more about the “quantum autists”, this newer group. My intention is not to create more labels and separation but to recognize groups of children and what they are here to do so they can be supported.

In fact, recently, I was “informed” that it has been various groups born these last 60 years or so seeding the new and is now being activated by Cosmic Father - the seeds, that is. Everything we need for this new earth is here through each of us. It’s a challenge, for sure, getting through those who put up obstacles to stop this process. It’s a done deal. Ra-member, we’ve already won.

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