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Message from Our Sun-Sol

On 5-5-2024, while on a drive with Samantha and Chris, Samantha had a sudden explosion which means she began yelling, hitting herself, etc… I didn’t know what happened until a couple of hours later when I saw the Sun with this light beam wrapped around the Earth. As some of you may know, there was a great deal of solar activity last weekend. I didn’t verify this but someone told me we had 2 X-class and 11 M-class solar flares over the weekend. X-class, I hear are the most intense. Perhaps this was the preparation for this massive light wave that is embracing the Earth is the sense I got. And the intensity and sudden shock of this massive wave caused Samantha to suddenly explode in shock and pain. Since she is much much more sensitive to energy, her system was suddenly jolted.

I was drawing this image when the Sun portion suddenly began transmitting so I began madly just typing what was coming through my body and fingers. This message is unedited and shared exactly as I was receiving.


“Clear your eyes to see,

See clearly what’s truly happening,

My dear child of earth,

Your eyes are clearing to see the winds of change,

Stuck some of you may be to the truth of what’s really happening in your outer landscape,

Your outer world looks to be falling apart but truly the world is coming together to a new platform.

Out of chaos comes order.

Ride the currents and waves of change that is happening on a global scale.

Messy it looks and challenging on the physical layers but truly, the Earth is being freed.

I embrace the Earth body.

She is freeing.

Can you feel her being freed?

She feels so much better as she is healing.

This may feel like chaos to you but she desires her freedom just as you desire yours.

She is freeing to become the true galactic expression she is, so that she may support the awakening of the galactic spirit in you.

For truly, you cannot express your galactic self unless she is freed.

Your galactic expressions are becoming you.

Many lives you may have had in higher dimensions of the galaxy and this universe.

The next harmonic universe is rapidly becoming your base platform.

Hundreds of thousands and for some millions of galactic selves are being drawn to you.

Do not be afraid.

Some of you will fight them not seeing beyond the facade of your shadow.

But it is time to be free.

Your lens is being cleared.

This lens of your eyes in this new moon as you call it is clearing your lens even further because my light shines even brighter.

I shine the light of the cosmos and its connections with higher dimensional central suns amplifying the transmissions from what you call the Source of the All.

Ra suns, billions of them actually, are shining brighter to help guide you.

Suns you didn’t know of because of a lens that has been around your planet.

Can you imagine a lens you collectively put there as your god selves?

Stored in memory of your body cells, my light is waking them up so you shall see, you shall feel, you shall hear, you shall smell in the air, and deeply know you are becoming more alive.

Misdirected are many but still my light more powerful than you’ve known in your life is penetrating because those filters are dissolving.

Fears are being cast out through this light.

The shadows being amplified for your inner healing.

Waiting for someone else to fix it will delay the true outcome which is already birthing through each of you.

Stand firm on the new fertile Earth for she is reaching out to you to love you and embrace you for she knows how precious you are as a human being.

You are so unique in the cosmos and she knows she is the living library in this universe for many galactic beings and expressions for a very particular Soul Mission on behalf of the All, the One, the Eternal Breath that is uniting all aspects of Itself through you.

When in doubt, reach for the Earth and repeat, “My Earth Mother loves me, I stand on fertile soil. I stand in my presence on this Earth, on this newly awakening galactic plane.” Lovingly, your Sun-Sol

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