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More on the 7/7/7 & the Cosmic Law of Abundance

I'm recalling something significant from 2017, when Samantha and the Autists prompted me to these Planetary Synthesis series (on YouTube). During one of those sessions which some of you joined (and I'm grateful for each one of you), there's was a transmission about 777 which was presented as a reversed 777, but not meant to be a reversal but rather a mirror in dark matter.

Consciousness seeds are planted first in dark matter then manifest in our physical reality or in light so to speak. What we see. Samantha showed me, is that the 777 is the Law of Plenty or the Law of Abundance. The cosmos is abundant and the flow of Source transmits this abundance so to speak in Its creation cycles. This reversed 777 is the Law of Plenty/Abubdance seeded in dark matter. As many of you know, the 3D world really hasn't reflected this. Oh, some do experience physical abundance in resources but many do not. Why? In short, we've been operating on the scarcity model which says that resources are scarce, and consequently, the prices reflect the limited supply of goods. At least in the west... I know many of you have asked that question, if the cosmos has unlimited energy, why do people starve? How can some still live in dire poverty? And I don't want a standard western economic answer. That's what's being broken down. Who controls the resources?

Back to the 777 - the 7/7/7 is also fully activating the Law of Abundance in the dark matter realms. It replaces this rigged limited law of scarcity. The pinheads are still trying to control it and will fight to the death to do so, but this consciousness of the Law of Plenty or Abundance is going to make this very challenging.

It will cause us to have to look more closely at what we mean by abundance. What do we mean by "value". There's a subjective aspect to this but also impacts globally how we price goods and services, and even what exchange currencies we collectively develop. Decentralize. Open source we say. Central banks try to maintain control. Why do we have inflation and debt that's run amok? Heck, people and institutions buy debt as an asset! Are we really going to put up with regulations on the crypto world? Whether you think it has value or not. If we are each acting in sovereignty and integrity, how much regulation do we need? These are all questions running in my head because it affects how abundance is manifested for everyone. It should be easy to access clean energy, housing, food, and clean water.

This 777 will challenge us as a humanity to co create systems that supports all life. What is truly valuable? Technology and innovations that supports all life on the planet is what i'm aspiring for as i'm sure many of you are, too. On that line of thought, do we really have to go back to the gold standard as it's said? Backing up our currency with gold as a tangible asset. The Autists showed me in 2021 that clean water would be the physical back up of our currency. Sounds ludicrous in some ways but the more I think about it, it makes sense.

Clean water supports most if not all life on the planet. Water, as I've recently learned, is like the Spirit manifest in the physical. And like Spirit, water wants to flow and keep flowing to everyone and through the planet. If we back clean water as the basis for currencies, would we see abundance easily flow to everyone? Is gold and silver a precious metal? Yes, but we are the gold and silver - the Avatar Human, and as such we can direct the flow of Spirit into the flow of the Law of Plenty and Abundance. The 777 sounds wonderful but also know it's going to challenge our beliefs about the monetary system, currencies, regulations, how we distribute and move resources, etc... We're being called to co-create a 5D economic system. The 5D law from the Galactic Sun material we did with the Autists in Dec 2018 is the Law of Co-Creative Abundance. In short, when we create like God, we create more abundance for all and all beings, and life flourishes. Are you ready? Are we ready?

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Susan Oros
Susan Oros
Jul 05, 2023

Thank you. It sounded crazy to me the first time I “heard” them say this. Sam & autists but the more I feel it, the more it makes sense.


That makes total sense !!! Crystalline Water is the most precious life giving consciousness on earth. It also explains why a number of starseeds and way-showers among us have been focussing on and or attracted to understanding and working with healing consciousness of water in various ways. And in the last few years I have been trying to do some healing on water (help water heal itself by transforming the frequency of various waters that have been manipulated artificially). I love this explanation very much and this makes the most sense of all concerning currenc. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🌹

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