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New Emerald Sun & Hyperboreans

Brought through the 3/3/2022 portal from the Infinite Breath
Dark Matter Emerald Sun

The cosmic activity underway continues to surprise me. The 2/22/2022 portal, from my experiences with Samantha, opened into a realm that feels like pure emanations as the breath of Source. This portal access will continue to impact us for many years. Samantha communicated to me that this new access to the Cosmic Mother of Mothers began a shift in all the upcoming portals we’ve known. Over the next 5 years, the portals such as the 8/8, 9/9, 11/11 etc… will be making adjustments to align to this new cosmic opening and more and more new codes will stream in for our continued ascension and evolution.

The Dark Matter Emerald Sun came in on 3/3/2022. I realized afterward that from the numerological perspective, it is similar to the 2/22/2022 which equals a 12 (3+3+2+2+2=12). It is a new creation so to speak from Source to re-encrypt dark matter. It’s like the new dark matter templates for the new potentials and possibilities, including the dark matter “support” for the new time vector codes which is the new timelines. My intuitive understanding of time vector codes is that it is the mathematical equations, or actually laws, for a cycle of creation; as the Autists explained, an Alpha&Omega cycle. We have stepped into a new Alpha&Omega cycle. It’s like the mission of the human. And what is this mission? It is to correct all distortions that have been created which has spiraled out of control, in a sense, from original Source Creation. Time enables us to experience through frequencies and integrate and synthesize. Thus, as each of us resolves inner extreme polarized patterns, we are correcting distortions. This is just a simple explanation but relevant to what each of you are doing and how we play a part in this monumental healing project.

As described in previous blogs, dark matter is what enables the concept and ability to distinguish one frequency from another or even individuated bodies from another. Without dark matter, there could be no form, no ability to create a table or a chair because all energy would just run together and bleed into everything else. It creates the space for you to exist. It’s the field behind the space, that supports the space, and enables God Source to experience Itself through a human body.

From the very big, cosmic and omniversal “perspective”, we’ve been set on a course to correct all distortions that’s ever been created. What are distortions? It’s the 3D belief systems, the ego matrix, the polarized concepts that propagate separation, anti-life technologies, etc… etc… It’s the distortion fields and even the geometries and the fibonacci series which has taken us further and further away from zero point where all our co-creations are further “bent” or “distorted” without being checked for errors. This is one way of understanding zero point. It means we come back to zero point to check if it’s in alignment with the Source Codes because the distortions or miscreations energetically ripple out. The 3D reality we’ve known has gone so far away from zero point that it must now come to an end. We’re living through a clean up as will the future generations of the true humans of the earth. And thus, new frequencies are and will be created as we go forward and co-create with the new codes. These are the new dark matter codes to literally create new dark matter matrices to support a new reality.

Let me just say that when I say the fibonacci spiral is a distortion, I am not saying that sacred geometry does not exist nor that the fibonacci series does not exist. I have books on sacred geometry and the flower life books by Drunvalo Melchizedek. The fibonacci spiral is an approximation of the golden mean spiral, and the key word here is that it’s an approximation. I’ve said this many times in previous videos, and won’t go into more detail about it here. The golden mean spiral is what returns us to a state of Omni-Love neutrality and can operate in the physical vessel where we will neutralize all extreme polarity systems.

Neutral balance in the physical vessel also requires that the human template also be upgraded to balance the electric and magnetic in our bodies. Below are two new images just drawn this week and relates to an understanding of the Polarians and Hyperboreans. Here’s a link to a definition:

This is a very complex topic and I will not attempt to fully explain what it all means. The above ascension glossary explanation is very important in what’s being brought into our awareness.

7D Gaian Earth, 5D Taran Earth, 3D Terran Earth

My very simple inner understanding of the Polarians and Hyperboreans is this: God Source in an infinite formless state creates a mechanism, so to speak, to enable expressions of Itself in density. The 7th dimension is the “first” dimensional entry point to come into matter. You may think that it’s the first dimension but if you imagine that God Source has to go from very high frequency to lower or slower frequencies, then it makes more sense. There are higher dimensions than 7D but those are referred to as the antiparticle dimensions (9-12) and when manifestation into matter happens, then it begins in 7D or light matter, then as we “come” down from higher to lower, the vibrations become slower and slower so that we can experience what feels to be solid matter. But truly, all is God and so the physical expression is a God experience just vibrating slower. Time allows us to experience in slowed down frequencies. In this sense, there is no higher or lower frequency which is “better”.

Polarian Human Template with Balanced Electric & Magnetic

To this end then, in order for God Source to have this physical experience, It created a vessel in the 7th dimension where aspects of Its Consciousness can experience Itself as light vibrational matter. To do so, there is a polarity of positive and negative charges to bring together quantum field bits, let’s say, to hold light matter together. At this time, I interpret this to be the Polarian; a template form of a human that has a consciousness of electric and magnetic coming together and balanced by what in an atom would be a neutron. In lower density, we have been experiencing extreme polarity and an electric charge so extreme it is damaging; damaging to our neurons, our DNA (shortening our life span), damaging to the light body and physical body connection, etc… This new Polarian template is now “here” so we can correct extreme polarity at all levels.

The Hyperboreans, in a sense, can be thought of as the root race of the human template in a higher frequency state. The collapse or the “fall” of the Hyperboreans can be seen as our past and part of the history of how we got here but also is now our future or actually our simultaneous future. The new and upgraded templates at all dimensional levels impacts our NOW because it is our trajectory both individually and collectively.

*Note that some of you may feel like you’ve been a hyperborean. I know when I saw the movie Prometheus, I felt I had been one of those very tall and large humans. The movie is a 3D concept but I felt there are bits of truth in it. Many memories from the subconscious play out in these sci-fi movies.

With the “activation” and re-encryption of dark matter, healings and releases are organically being stimulated. And so, this Hyperborean fall into density which happened millions of years ago from our current perspective is going through releases and healings, and simultaneously, the new future Hyperboreans of the new ascending timeline is going through an upgrade and exists for us to “ascend into” so to speak. And along the way as we do this, we are uncreating distortions which were created.

All of this is also being stimulated by a new dark matter mother matrix grid that surrounds the planet. It's my understanding that this new matrix grid enable very high macro "constructs of information" to "ground" on the planet and stimulates the dark matter field to enable us to create new dark matter matrices to support the new creations on this ascending earth. This can sound very confusing but also begins to make sense within the grand plan of the new ascension path for humanity. The activation of Ophiuchus and everything else that’s happened in the last 4-5 years points to and is in support of this new ascension mission.

Take only that which resonates. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. Allow your soul knowing to guide you. We are held in deep Omniversal Love of Source Creation.

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Very impressive Info in this post, thank you Susan...

i have been going through physically challenging times and can only hope it has to do with this going on...

I have been using your 5 min root chakra clearing meditation a number of times lately and am wondering if it can have some drastic effects I am having in the pelvic area, urinary tract...

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