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Our Children Need Protection

This message is being prompted by the collective soul of 5-11 year olds. The energy is nudging me within so I could not ignore it. First, before I get to the core of this message, let me just say how INTENSE this first week has been. The Sirian gateway was on Jan 5, 2022 and the days leading up to it was mind blowing. The 6th harmonic universe (dimensions 16, 17, & 18) which is new to us in the physical began transmitting new harmonic codes, and we directed the flow through to the appropriate earth star gates (or like earth chakras). I “saw” the 18D stargate “open” like a thunderbolt, I believe, in December 2019 when Sammie exploded into a violent outburst. That’s another story, but the streams from this 6th harmonic universe has been very palpable here. This 6th harmonic universe is like the omni-harmonic fields radiating codes of the “Mother of all Mothers”. And the 7 higher heavens which many of these autists remain soul consciously connected to the 7 higher heavens. More on this some other time.

Today, I’m prompted to talk a bit about the trauma our children are experiencing due to the restrictions and subsequent “rules” being imposed on us all. If you are in support of the current counter measures to “save humanity from a plague” then this post is not for you.

I want to share an energetic experience I had while driving by our local elementary school yesterday. My children are all adult age now so I don’t have to personally deal with the new “safety rules” in the schools but I am hearing from friends some of the trauma that’s occurring to our children.

So, yesterday while on a drive with my adult two children, we drove by an elementary school which we drive by just about every day. I suddenly just felt intense sadness amongst some of the children and this feeling of their inner light being dimmed. I felt it at the high heart level (thymic chakra or 8th chakra). It was such a heavy feeling that I wanted to cry. Children were being punished or reprimanded for not having their masks on correctly. Teachers also felt very stressed for the responsibility of having to teach and police new standards of cleanliness, distancing, and enforcing.

The image above depicts the Avatar Light Body of these children between 5-11. It’s interesting that the latest targets of the ‘blue pill shots’ are targeted for this age.

Even though I do not have children in the school system, I am feeling this intense energy from my high heart to my throat. These souls who are here to establish a new consciousness and create new systems in their future are crying out for sanity and protection. The fear propagating and infiltrating so many adults are reaching a breaking point they’re showing me. Children are ostracizing other children for a whole host of new reasons. A friend, who has elementary age children, recently told me that her 9 year old daughter was told she could not play tether ball when another student asked if she (the 9 y.o.) planned to get the ‘-axine’ and she said ‘no’. These are not childhood matters, and their parents should be deciding what’s best for their child. How could this have become a playground issue? I’ve also learned that warning rules have been instituted to high schoolers who don’t wear their masks correctly - 2 warnings then your parents are called. This has gone beyond what’s reasonable and the confusion induced by fear is interfering with people’s sense of what’s compassionately right and wrong. The story of a man going to prison for stealing a loaf of bread in Les Miserable is seen as a statement of what happens when the upper echelon loses touch with its people. We are not too far from such scenarios and injustice is already being perpetuated.

This collective group of children are also showing me that the potential for a mass exodus of teachers is close. The reason will be for mental health reasons as the job of teaching, sanitizing, and enforcing are becoming too great. Many of the 5-7 year olds are extra sensitive and are becoming increasingly more anxious. This anxiety based on fear and instability of the adults around them are causing them to regress behaviorally and emotionally. I don’t know if this is true, but they’re saying that bed wetting is increasing and the anxiety makes it more difficult to focus and leads to increased erratic behavior. Some of them are saying that they’re trying their best but when the pressure is so high just to keep a mask on properly, they make more mistakes and can’t focus on academics. More children will be diagnosed with mental health and emotional issues and will be medicated for such if not already.

It’s imperative that parents wake up to what is happening in the schools as it looks as though there will be several breaking points coming up this year. One of them is the potential for mass exodus of teachers. Some areas will go on a hiring frenzy and hire unqualified and potentially dangerous people to teach. It’s imperative that parents pay attention to staffing changes, the curriculum, and new rules being implemented. Parents of ‘special needs’ and ‘developmentally disabled’ children should pay particular attention to staffing changes.

The other message they want me to deliver is that this group of children is our future. Each generation of children has a particular collective mission and this group in particular has an important part to play from about 2038 and on as another planetary leap will begin then. So if you do not have children in the school system, you can meditate with the image above to support these souls during this confusing time. Many of them are having a difficult time maintaining their inner light.

Thank you for reading and please excuse any parts that may not be clear. After the week we’ve had, I’m having a difficult time focusing myself. And please share if this resonates!!

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