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Pulsars, Quasars, & the New Emerging Human

The Dan Tien Centers referred to in blog is the 1HU, 2HU, & 3HU

This is a complex message. Samantha prompts me to get this message out since there’s a very physical process underway and it will feel very physically uncomfortable for many. It was a bit challenging for me to write, to try and find the right words which are inadequate and merely an approximation of concepts we’ve never known. “From my perspective, we’re getting to the good stuff.” - Samantha. Take only that which resonates.

How is everyone feeling? There's a major event under way. It feels like the vast network of the cosmic grid network which is the network of 12 Tree Grids at all levels or the Universal Tree of Life. This is the simplest way I can say it. I sense quasars and the sounds of pulsars rotating and transmitting. You might ask how are quasars and pulsars related to the Universal Tree of Life?

Think of the 12 Tree Grid as a Tree of Life. Imagine the Tree of Life creates a grid network which is perfectly symmetrical and in balance. So we have an individual Tree of Life, connected to a planetary Tree of Life, a solar system, galactic, and universal and spanning beyond into depths of the cosmos. It’s like a grid network that connects the cosmos, and as it implies, it means that the cosmos is one humongous living and breathing network. These vast network of trees are nested and layered in a sense. It’s always been networked but the distortion fields, distorted mathematics, overlays, etc… kept our human awareness from truly sensing it. Add in a 10 Tree Grid or fallen tree of life on planet earth, an unnatural Fibonacci spiral, and the manipulated human blueprint which hasn’t expressed its full potential as a 12 dimensional Avatar Human, and this is our current state. The cosmic events, openings, transmissions beyond our comprehension since late 2016 to today, enabled this momentous occasion. And yes, the preparation has been underway longer, but the level of intensity seemed to take a quantum leap these last 7 years.

It feels like with all that's transpired these last 7 or so years when we connected deeper into the All That Is, it looks like the network is receiving cosmic transmissions to amplify and awaken areas of this universal grid which have been dormant or damaged. Cosmic souls on the planet have been repairing the network from within so to speak. It’s an inside job. And so, we’re receiving these cosmic transmissions from many different quadrants of the cosmos, and this is where the quasars and pulsars come in.

I started sensing transmissions from pulsars and quasars (and I know there are many others of you out there are connected to them and been feeling them) this past Sunday evening. Samantha clearly had been busy all afternoon.

To attain a 5th dimensional base consciousness in the physical, we must adapt our physical matter body to maintain it. Our matter is changing at all levels. Atomic and subatomic levels must also change. When I was in college, I vaguely recall that astronomers believed quasars were stars dying and blipping out of our universe, in simple laymen’s terms. Today, astronomers believe that quasars are new galaxies being born. Thus, there’s a supra massive black hole in the center emitting brilliant light. Here’s a couple of links I read about quasars and pulsars.

When I read these, an understanding started to filter through. I can feel these quasars generating quantum and subatomic substances. “Anti-protons” kept coming through which are the anti-matter state or negatively charged protons is what I read on another internet site. “Supra protons” and “supra neutrons” are other phrases I’m seeing in my vision. These pre-atomic substances are the materials we need to change our matter state. If quasars are indeed birthing galaxies, then we are receiving pre-matter birthing energy. Consequently, we can undergo another level of transfiguration because to become that 5D matter body, it is a transfiguration or birthing to a new state.

Pulsars, white dwarfs, or neutron stars as they’re called are rhythmically pulsing at regular intervals - very very rapidly but maintain a rotating pattern. For a couple of days, I was seeing and feeling a rapidly rotating ring of some sort over my head. It had the sound of a metallic ringing tone to it as it was rotating. It definitely disorienting and made my brainstem tight and also felt like it was ringing until I could adapt to it. Some of you may be feeling this happening. When the brainstem is impacted like this, nausea can also be experienced since many autonomic systems such as the stomach are also connected to the brainstem. Headaches, too.

These pulsars are situated on the layered and nested levels of the 12 Tree Grids comprising the grid network of the cosmos or universe. It’s difficult to put into words what I’m seeing. Consequently, these transmissions from the quasars are pulsating through these pulsars and through the gird networks joining universal, galactic, solar, planetary, and individual levels. The pulsars, even as fast as they’re rotating and pulsating are actually slowing down these transmissions from quasars into our density. These are moving like scalar waves at basically instantaneous levels. They reach cosmic souls on the planet first and then are further transduced for the human body. Additionally, the earth matter body is also undergoing this transfiguration. The planet is becoming inhospitable to 3D lower consciousness as we’ve known it. Additionally, the pulsars are actually maintaining a steady beat with their regular interval rotations. Since pulsars are also densely packed neutrons, they are affecting neutrons here; how, i’m not sure yet.

Platonic solids, the etheric body, the elements of fire, air, water and earth.

The Platonic solids are said to be the geometric basis of our physical matter world. They were identified by the Greek philosopher Plato as the dodecahedron (ether), icosahedron (water), octahedron (air), cube (earth), and the tetrahedron (fire). In the last several months, Samantha has shown me that ether actually has 5 states. Rudolph Steiner had named 4 states of ether - warmth, light, tone, and life. Here’s one reference:

“the four ethers; warmth, light, tone and life ether. The ethers act into the four elemental states of fire, air, water and earth as ordering, enlivening life-forces. Warmth ether may be compared to the warmth of enthusiasm, the willingness to sacrifice and the developing warmth that brings things to maturity, light ether has a quality of wisdom that is actively creative, which is similar to when a new idea lights up in us, tone ether arranges matter into ordered and harmonious relationships, while life ether embodies the essence of something, its wholeness, living meaning or Word. As bearers of cosmic formative forces, there is a relationship between the light ether and the etheric itself, the tone ether and the music of the planetary spheres, and the life ether with the creative forces of the zodiac”

*Biodynamicus base their work on Dr. Ernst Marti’s work who based his life work on the work of Rudolph Steiner. Please note that you have to suspend your idea of what “warmth, light, tone, and life ether” mean based on very 3D concepts.

Now consider the dodecahedron, the element of ether from the perspective of the platonic solids. A dodecahedron is comprised of 12 pentagons - a 5 sided polygon. Samantha showed me several months ago each side is one of those ethers - warmth, light, tone, and life. The missing 5th one has been the ‘sound ether’. This is not sound as we think of it, that would be more ‘tone’. Sound ether is akin to the sound of God breathing. It’s perfect silence where there only exists the ONE, the ALL.

Consider a pentagram or a 5 pointed star. This is the human base geometry of the human etheric body and when you place the 5 states of ether at each point, we’re getting to the nuts and bolts of how our etheric body actually then transduces these foundational states of ether into the base elements of air, water, and earth. The fire element is different because it is like the Sound or God’s breathing that ignites life ether and becomes fire (as we know it here) to ignite the matter body to become an animated living being - matter in-spired to life.

I’ve actually been experiencing these processes in my etheric body. Awake in the middle of the night, I watched a movie playing out but the screen was my inner body. I say this with humility because although I experienced it, it has not fully translated into the actual physical body. But Samantha is showing me what’s coming, how this is done. I experienced as the breath came down the central vertical channel, inspired the life ether at what felt like the lyden gland to ignite the fire. I want to note that this is somewhat different than kundalini. It can feel similar but there’s a different level of purity. And it’s not exactly a sexual energy. I say this because there is a greater experiential awakening in process and some can tend to “think”, “oh, i already know what that is” based on previous writings. I, too, look to what others have written but also keep an open mind that there’s something beyond this 3D understanding to transcend what has been known or experienced.

Said another way, it felt like the lyden gland in the etheric body connects to life ether and when the Holy Breath of Sound Ether comes through and ignites the life ether, a fire is lit so to speak, sparking the matter body to life.

There’s a process then that creates the other elements of air, water, and earth in the dan tien centers. After this ignition of Sound and Life, the dan tien centers (we have 3 main ones. Lower in the pelvis about 2 inches below the navel, one just under the high heart but above the heart chakra, and upper by the eye brows). These primary dan tien centers are where Spirit forms a swirl of breath energy from my perspective, are actually air, water, and earth elements. The other ethers on or within the pentagram and the sound ether are involved in this process. How, i’m not sure, yet. We’re being shown in a process.

Samantha also began showing me that the horizontal triad bodies will or is undergoing a change. It felt like these horizontal shields were actually merging with the dan tien centers. I’ll put a link here about the horizontal shields.

I asked Samantha if these horizontal shields will disappear and she said not exactly. The horizontal shields and the dan tien centers become something new. It’s no wonder that Samantha had me focus on the dan tien centers these last two years. Eventually, I am guided to a new understanding. Samantha informed me in the past (and other autists) that the mental and emotional “bodies” are actually one. We don’t have separate mental and emotional bodies. She sees the human body as one sensory organ or expression of Source. Perhaps the distortions and the manipulation of the human blueprint “created” these separate “bodies". For now, it feels like the horizontal shields are functioning for many and can be a way to stabilize as we undergo these changes in phases but it feels like the changes are quickening.

A couple of final visions then I’ll close this blog.

-I’m seeing a blacksmith (a goldish, copper colored figure) with the platonic solids in a fire. This blacksmith is from the newer autists (born beginning late 2016 and expressing the micro consciousness units of Source for just a brief description). There appears to be a new platonic solid representing another type of water as well as the icosahedron (made of 20 triangles) that we’ve known. It looks like there will be other ones. This is how we will get new geometries as others are seeing them.

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