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Recent Activity as of 7-2-2024

It’s an intense day today for me. I’m doing this from my phone. Scroll down to see images. Popping in to share a few things while I’m resting. Apologies if it’s disjointed. These were social media posts.

7-2-24 activity

powerful energy in my brain. “Erase”

Thought patterns. Healed thoughts

It feels like it’s the merge of mental and emotional bodies which is not supposed to be separate. So it’s affecting my stomach as well. Seeing the merkaba which I’m seeing has been misunderstood. The merkaba is 2 tetrahedrons. The top one Father and the bottom one of Mother. There feels to be cosmic fire of Father and cosmic fire of Mother coming together for its these 2 fires that ignites the elements of earth, air, water to life. Much more to unpack here. There’s some type of sublimation from fire to solid earth matter happening. It’s not happening to everyone right now but something to come when you’re ready in the future. So if you’re not feeling it, don’t worry.

There’s also a kind of exorcism of the physical flesh happening. I had to lay down. I’m being shown F# and Eb, discordant notes together had been embedded into sound body. Good thing my hubby home to take my kids. It’s intense.

Also, check out the above spintaneous live I did last Friday.

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Thank you Susan, many things still hidden, much is happening. 🩵

The connections are etheric to the flesh which exorcises the flesh.


I have so much to say about this as it has been part of the elements coming online in their original forms, which are bringing us back to ours.

The knowing of self as not separate from the elements. This is message of the Ancients (this is just a blanket term) have been sharing.

The two pyramids sat upon each other before they blended and spun.

Sometimes not using the merkaba vehicle is helpful and allowing the diamond that it creates can be used.

Much to unpack 😉 rest well my friend

With Love,


Replying to

Thank you! I really feel the merkaba has been misunderstood. Sammie showed me how this relates to 3 fold flame and the full flower of life. This is what I added to my patreon share.

Samantha showed me how this works with the exorcism of the flesh and how the full flower of life activates. The missing parts of the full flower of life has tetrahedrons on the ends. That is 4 points and four sided. So how does the three fold flame then activate? 3 of the points is each of the flame. The fourth, alternating, connects to a white hole and black hole! That means 3 of the tetrahedrons is connected to a black hole and 3 to…

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