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Stabilizing the 11-11-21 Transmission

This is another quick blog to help any of you stabilize the transmission we received through the 11-11 gateway. There's been a powerful transmission through Sirius C which is an 8D portal that I began feeling during the 11-11-2020 portal. It has "widened" from my perspective and lack of a better term. The new kids being born since last year are actually coming through Sirius and since it is an 8D portal, they are coming in "very clean". They have no karma and are operating on pure, original tones of Love.

The 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensions are in the 3rd Harmonic Universe and connect us to our Oversoul. Thus, these kids are naturally connected to the Oversoul and seem to be "pulling down" the Oversoul of the Human Avatar blueprint. It's interesting to see the "difference" between the Autists who seem to operate more at this Oversoul level and these new kids being born. I'm not clear on this yet so won't say anymore.

All I can say is that today, there was high pitch sound and sonic waves going across the back of my head - the occipital bones it felt like and high pitch sounds could be experienced since the ears are very close to those bones. My tailbone was active simultaneously which usually indicates to me that I'm pulling the energy down. It was vibrating bliss through the bones and there seems to be a base tone of bliss and well being.

Intuitively, it felt like even those who have received the "medical needle" vector can also connect to their oversoul or higher self. The 9D chakra is at our brainstem. The waves going across the brainstem feels like it can disrupt "interference patterns" from the 3D broadcasts and also disrupt fear programming experienced, guess where, --that's right, the brainstem. I'm not certain but I've had the sense that those who got the needle can become disconnected from their higher selves. Today's broadcast from the 11-11 portal feels like it will bring their higher selves back to them or bring it to a space around them to be accessed. Again, I'm not totally clear on this and I don't want to add more fear to the mix but I do feel strongly that it's not completely predictable how this story of the outer 3D world control game is going to go. There is just too much that has changed to our universal architecture and as I've been saying in our other blogs, the rules of manifestation in this realm has changed. And it's just getting started...

I drew the image above to help Samantha stabilize as the energy became very wobbling; like so many waves of metallic energy and sounds coming through. Feel free to use the image to help you come back to balance if needed.

Take only that which resonates and compost the rest!

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