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The Autists on Corona Virus

This image was something I saw Sammie (and the Autists) were doing on 3-1-2020. It represents a crystalline Human Oversoul matrix which is assisting us to operate as a collective.

by Susan Oros

The coronavirus and all its unexpected ripples is having a backlash that humanity could not have imagined. I asked Gaia and Sammie their perspective. I received some info from Gaia but actually received some very insightful information from the Autist Collective. Take a deep breath as you read and know that none of this information is to generate more fear. It is to offer a higher perspective; an overview of the theme of this decade.

I asked Gaia if this virus was generated from the earth in order to insert upgraded DNA. Since viruses are essentially “sacks” of DNA or RNA material that does not have other properties of a cell, I wanted to clarify. In a previous connection with Gaia many years ago, she said that there are times when viruses will be created by the earth to make evolutionary changes. So to this question, whether this was the case with the corona virus, she said, “No, this virus was created out of man’s ignorance”.

The Autist Collective began chiming in after this. If you’ve seen any of our previous posts, I had written that I’ve been “witnessing” these Autists making some significant changes in the earth’s chakra system and how they’re connected interdimensionally. I won’t go into detail here about that because it’s quite complex and I don’t have the adequate words but I can say that what is happening is changing our connection to the quantum field and it supports the higher vibration of being on planet earth. This must be so if we’re to truly manifest 5th dimensional reality.

This is what the Autist Collective has to say from my perspective: