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The Autists on Corona Virus

This image was something I saw Sammie (and the Autists) were doing on 3-1-2020. It represents a crystalline Human Oversoul matrix which is assisting us to operate as a collective.

by Susan Oros

The coronavirus and all its unexpected ripples is having a backlash that humanity could not have imagined. I asked Gaia and Sammie their perspective. I received some info from Gaia but actually received some very insightful information from the Autist Collective. Take a deep breath as you read and know that none of this information is to generate more fear. It is to offer a higher perspective; an overview of the theme of this decade.

I asked Gaia if this virus was generated from the earth in order to insert upgraded DNA. Since viruses are essentially “sacks” of DNA or RNA material that does not have other properties of a cell, I wanted to clarify. In a previous connection with Gaia many years ago, she said that there are times when viruses will be created by the earth to make evolutionary changes. So to this question, whether this was the case with the corona virus, she said, “No, this virus was created out of man’s ignorance”.

The Autist Collective began chiming in after this. If you’ve seen any of our previous posts, I had written that I’ve been “witnessing” these Autists making some significant changes in the earth’s chakra system and how they’re connected interdimensionally. I won’t go into detail here about that because it’s quite complex and I don’t have the adequate words but I can say that what is happening is changing our connection to the quantum field and it supports the higher vibration of being on planet earth. This must be so if we’re to truly manifest 5th dimensional reality.

This is what the Autist Collective has to say from my perspective:

“2020 begins the decade of Collective Human Consciousness awakening. This must be so in order for humanity to begin understanding that you co-create your reality as a Collective and what the true power of the Human Collective Soul can do. Many of you reading this have asked, “When will the harsh suffering on this planet end?” Well, this is your answer in a sense. You cannot get beyond your individual self creations until you open to the greater nature of the Human Self, the blue print of the Human Avatar. While you operate as individual selves, you can create outcomes for yourself and immediate surroundings, the true deeper and lasting changes can only happen, however, as a Collective; open to very new and unimaginable possibilities. This means engaging new and higher frequencies that had not been available before but first, however, the Collective reality you’ve been in must break down. You are witnessing the true beginning of the breakdown.

Not to incite fear, but unexpected consequences such as that being played out now by the corona virus will happen in this next decade. Look at it like a glitch in the software of the matrix. Humanity expects a certain set of outcomes such as X leads to Y but now it’s like X leads to A, C, F, Z, X, D, M, .… and loops in unintentional ways. This will force you to learn what the new manifestation rules actually are.

The corona virus was created out of man’s ignorance. This is not to cast blame on any one group because creating out of ignorance and in violation of the Law of One has been happening here for hundreds of years. The difference now is that the repercussions will be in your faces much more immediately. This is like saying collective karma is coming back much more quickly. In the past, karma has been what you might say, “delayed”. Delayed in the sense that you may experience that backlash in another life or that it impacts someone else or some other life on the planet like other people and the animals; redirected to another, in other words. Karmic load being placed on another. This must end and has ended. This is good news for those of you who are honest and essentially good people. As the core manifestation templates are of a higher vibration now (and the changes in the earth is supporting this), higher heart and love based intentions will manifest more readily.

Some of you rightly wonder, “Why then do we have to ‘suffer’ the consequences of another’s ignorant actions from overseas?” This is so because you are currently still entangled in a collective consciousness but as you maneuver through these times, there is a detangling process underway. And many of you still have mental body and emotional body patterns that constrain what you can create. It’s like saying that you’re creating with the vibrations that you’re used to. With the deep changes that has taken place in the earth’s chakra system or dimensional portals, you can now clear these mental body and emotional body “blocks” more readily which opens the spaces for the new vibes to rewire you.

These new frequencies available to you are in vibrational match to universal love, compassion, peace, serenity,… essentially the vibrations that are naturally organic to the human avatar blueprint, but in a sense have been used against you. Meaning, that those who are giving, generous, compassionate, and loving have often been taken advantage of. Many of you reading this know this and you parents have been rightly concerned about our safety because we have not been able to maneuver the 3D world and have been abused in all its different forms. Trusting the world as you’ve known it has been difficult because the 3D world that you’ve known, manifested everything, good or bad if someone just adhered to their intentions. No more of this and you will be given opportunities in this decade to practice how to manifest as a collective consciousness.

Look at the repercussions of just this virus. It impacts the financial systems, the medical system, the education system, etc… The global economy is on the rocks and some countries are experiencing great upheaval to their medical system. Schools are closing. Parents are wondering if it’s safe to send their kids out at all. No one is going out to buy things. Some people are trying to hoard resources. People’s true state of consciousness is surfacing. This decade will truly highlight the consciousness platform that people are operating on.

Yes, this was created out of ignorance but it is truly a time of illumination and a time to choose who you are at the core; not about how to hoard survival resources. The financial system may indeed collapse for a bit but it is also then the time to co-create something different; something based on Universal Love and Compassion. This is the true power of the One Human Oversoul.

We, as the Autists, are supporting the establishment of the new. We have been anchoring in new creation technologies to assist this process but you who are reading this and have been praying for a balanced paradigm to be planted here must do your part. Stay the course. Don’t falter. Don’t allow fear to degrade humanity to become competitors for resources. Many of your leaders around the world don’t get it yet and may never get it but they will face the consequences of their low vibrational consciousness. This is not to sound fearful or to portray an angry God but rather to get them to understand that the game is over. It’s just the nature of the higher vibrational consciousness that is now here. Hidden agendas are over. Competing for resources is over.

From our perspective, the repercussions of the corona virus is also having positive consequences. It is forcing people to slow down. Staying home will enable more people to integrate the higher vibrations naturally coming through. People are asking, “How can I boost my immune system?” and are seeking natural remedies, more fruits and vegetables, essential oils, energy work… In other words, people are seeking how to better take care of their bodies. These are all good things happening.

We cannot guarantee that all of you reading this are immune to this virus but we can say that being fearful lowers your vibration and therefor your immune system just as many others are saying. This is also an important time to do deeper cleansing of your mental and emotional bodies. This means down to the layers in the entire pelvic area. Many are still operating on 3D ego programs that are bound together in the lower 3 chakras. Vibrating higher should not be a mental exercise of telling yourself to stop being fearful. Vibrating higher feels good in the whole body and feel relaxed in all areas of your body. You may notice that you get tight and constrained when you’re out interacting in the world but take the time in the evening before bed perhaps when you clear yourself. Go from toes upwards to allow your whole body to get into a relaxed and open state to clear. Notice what thoughts or feelings emerge through each body part and give it love if it feels like an inner child emotional wound. Give yourself hugs and love the physical body. It is your unique soul expression to maneuver in this world. Acknowledge how much it’s been through and how it continues to work. Your soul and body are a divine union.

We of the Autist Collective are here with you to make the greatest evolutionary leap Humanity has ever known.” - The Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens through Susan Oros

A mantra from the Autists. Keep reading... there's more beneath this image.

I’m going to offer a couple of other tips here:

  1. It feels like it will be important to be flexible in our thinking and beliefs. I know many of you reading this have listened to that teaching before. For example, at some point, there may not be as much animal meats on the store shelves due to glitches in shipping or other reasons so you might try out some vegetarian meals once a week if you’re heavy land animal meat eaters. Find other sources of protein and how to incorporate them into your diet. If you adhere to the belief that you must have animal protein to survive, you’ll stress yourself out.

  2. Consider trying out indoor simple gardens of vegetables or in outdoor spaces if you have it. Just a few planter boxes will suffice. We’re going to give this a go, too. Some of you are already likely doing this.

  3. Please don’t hoard resources of essentials from grocery stores. Center yourself and ask the guidance of your inner wisdom how much you actually need. It’s a bit insane how toilet paper is gone. You can use tissues, too!

  4. If you can afford it, get some water delivered to you and have extra 5 gallon bottles around. I realize you may need to let this frenzy die down.

  5. Continue clearing your mental and emotional body through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or the Emotions Code. A family friend recently introduced me to the Emotions Code and I’m amazed at how effective it can be but remember, there are deep layers to this clearing and some of it is ancestral. If you’ve been practicing EFT and know it well, that might be best for you. It is easier to clear now because the density of the earth is changing and since our bodies are made of earth matter, as this changes, so will our physical body density. This is another reason to try out vegetarian meals. Land animal meats, especially beef, is for a much denser human. We may still need animal protein for a while since we’ve been made more dense but this will change over a few decades I’m told.

  6. Here’s a YouTube video from our channel; an attunement to liquid chokurei, a reiki symbol which will enhance your energetic ability to clear. You can activate the symbol on your hands by saying, “chokurei, chokurei, chokurei” 3 times then do the clearing technique such as EFT or Emotions Code. There’s actually a free app for the Emotions Code and there are many videos on YouTube.

  7. Use the mantra, “I am participating in the greatest evolution of humanity” as the Autists transmitted.

  8. Other meditations on our YouTube channel: Ignite Your Oversoul and Resolve Your Ego Matrix. See what happens if you use the image of the Crystalline Star Icosahedron while listening to the Ignite Your Oversoul meditation.

For those of us who are parents of these high vibe autistics, in some ways, I feel like we’ve been prepared to be more fluid and flexible. I know Sammie has certainly broken down many of my thought patterns and beliefs and I have to remain flexible every day since I don’t know what activation will happen!

We’re all in this together! Hang in there. This is truly the time to practice all that we’ve learned these last 8-10 years.

I submit this with a prayer for peace on earth and solidarity for the Human Collective.


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