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The Portal of Omnipresence

Happy Holy Days! May the Spirit of this holiday season fill you with peace and love. And if you are not experiencing a sense of peace, may this message transmit peace and love of Spirit to you, if even for just a moment. I’m going to keep this message short because I am writing it on Christmas day. It’s been an unexpected year but this message I received from Yeshua, or Jesus, on the morning of December 23rd needs to be shared.

We’ve been on a wild ride but this Christmas season has somehow felt so Spirit filled to me. I’m not talking about gifts and materialism, although I do understand that for some small business owners, more spending would have been helpful. I won’t digress, however, and get to the message and what this title, The Portal of Omnipresence, means.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs and in videos, when I speak of Yeshua (Jesus) or Christ Consciousness, I’m not referring to one religion or that Jesus is the only God to be “worshiped”. In fact, the Autists have said that once people can surrender and know that each person is an expression of God Source, there is no-thing outside of ourselves to worship. The word “worship” does not even exist in the realms of the All That IS.

We’ve lived in a world of extreme polarity (3D), and Christ Consciousness is the trinity or the balance of polarity. So, with that, here’s Yeshua’s message.

“Beloveds, Welcome to yet another new age. With each shift in consciousness on the planet, humanity has attempted to live in accordance with Holy Laws of the Omniscient One only to find it turned upside down with continued wars, abuses, poverty, hoarding of wealth and resources. The human design as an avatar of the trinitized form was designed to balance and heal polarity. For several decades, waves of cosmic transmissions and openings have stirred the foundation of polarized thinking and your 3D polarized reality. This year of 2020 brought things to a standstill, if you will. A pause that has enabled more to reflect and question who has been controlling who on the planet. We recognize that many have suffered on the planet due to closing, and the shutdowns for some have created more suffering. As many of you reading this know, there is a war for your consciousness and that of humanity. Radical consciousness change and the dismantling of a 3D platform is not easy but we see great changes happening to the heart of humanity.

The portals that opened since 2018 accelerated the transmissions to break down 3D reality but also brought through the very energetic tools for you to rebuild and create a new reality based on Unity Consciousness.

This Portal of Omnipresence is the first one that you all opened together as a Unity Consciousness. And, no, not all of humanity participated or wanted this but during this season of Christmas, 41% of the population had their hearts focused on the Spiritual essence of this day. Your collective focus essentially declared, “No, we do not want to return to the same 3D paradigm”. Notice that even though less than half of you focused upon this intention, the power of your collective souls made this so. This portal opened in the 3rd harmonic universe or 7D, 8D, 9D where your oversoul collectively “meets”. And many of you reading may not be aware of your consciousness at this level, but make no mistake, you are actively engaging there.

Let me add that even though Christmas is not the true birthday of the man you call Yeshua Ben Josef, it’s the collective focus on the Spirit and meaning of this day that brought you together.

This Portal of Omnipresence is bringing through the One Spirit of Humanity and enables you to bring through a fuller expression of your spirit to anchor into your body. This will create some discomfort, pain in some cases, and even bring up dis-ease in the physical body. And yes, this has been happening for a few months now but the collective of you opened this portal for the “icing on the cake” if you will.

The most significant aspect of this portal is the unity consciousness from which you accomplished this. We see the energetic unified field that you are now building. You will collectively continue to build this collective consciousness field. As you move into 2021, keep the vibrations of love, peace, and compassion in your hearts. Remember, your power lies in the Unity Consciousness of One Humanity.

You are dearly loved, beloveds”. Yeshua transmitted through Susan Oros

Some final thoughts:

The traditional definition of ‘omnipresence’ is “the state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once)” from In the context of this message, it further implies that the Spirit of the All That Is as its expression through each avatar human soul is streaming through. Consequently, as expressions of Source, we can further anchor this Spirit through us as is the unique design of our individual soul expressions; i.e., our physical bodies. It calls us to continue to walk our spiritual paths being present in our physical bodies and develop our omnipresence which is stabilizing our energy fields (such as the physical body and all its systems, the mental, emotional bodies, our light body, the spiritual or etheric body and our multidimensional access points which is the totality of our unified field). In this way, we can continue to build the Unity Consciousness Field of One Humanity and direct Humanity to co-create a new outer reality.

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