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Unity Consciousness Activation!

Crystal Star Icosahedron representing Human Collective Oversoul

I'm going to keep this very quick since I'm working without power in our area.

Since the beginning of March, Samantha has been saying that 3-11-23 is going to be a big day for human collective consciousness. Last night, there was a massive activation as Samantha woke up in a sudden explosion. I could feel it throughout my body. This sense that my physical body was being compressed together, and I saw words, "oneness, wholeness"... running up and down my body.

This massive wave is a very physical activation. It's like saying, we've been contemplating the idea of unity consciousness but this physical activation is a whole other level. Unity consciousness of the physical matter is more than ideology, it is the very matter itself and all aspects of our being being compressed together. The left and right side of the body, the tope and bottom aspects, the front to back, the electric and the magnetic, etc...

Another way of describing this, is that Spirit is infusing itself into all matter at all levels. The image above is a crystal star icosahedron I drew on 3-1-2020, and represents the One Collective Human Oversoul. This means we actually are part of One Human Soul that is activating on the planet for the continued ascension and evolution of humanity. However, as individuals, we must also come into oneness and wholeness within ourselves. Thus, further purging is stimulated at deeper levels and will challenge our belief structures especially those ideas of masculine and feminine. Also, the body organs and systems will be stimulated to come into harmony in new way as we are operating on higher more refined base frequencies. So, you may experience discomfort in body systems, organs, the muscles,.... down to the bones as they come to function in Oneness and Wholeness.

Stuck energy in organs and body systems can more easily be dissolved if you're aware of it. This is the time to continue cleansing. You may have been experiencing great darkness and shadows emerging for the last few weeks leading up to this as the purity of your true soul and spirit comes through to embody in your human vessel. Coming into a 3D fallen matrix has meant that we were embedded with the karma of fallen entities (which they've been passing onto humanity), and also imbedded with 3D belief systems. Those can more easily be dissolved but could also be challenging.

Today, I'm also feeling this emanation from Samantha, "dimensional shift, dimension shift, 8th dimensional activation." Hang on... unity consciousness is a good thing, but it may be rough physically.

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