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Weaving into the 36 Dimensions

By Susan Oros

We, as a planetary whole, continue to weave deeper into the “field” of the ALL THAT IS. Wondrous things happen as this is underway but it is also disruptive to our reality and our physical bodies because the very matter of the earth, the multidimensional earth, is undergoing significant changes due to the vast new openings. The vast network of the “field” of the ALL THAT IS challenges the language of our current reality so bear in mind the description I’m giving is an approximation of what I’m experiencing and shown.

Since the beginning of 2021, I (and many of you perhaps) began to see and feel deeper cosmic openings taking place through the dark matter realms. The “unseen” realms of dark matter is like a “cosmos” of the pre-manifested world which is accessible through our light body. Our light body is more than a double of our physical body but a template which is deeply woven into this “cosmos” and the quantum field. As the Autists showed me a couple of years ago, a lattice-like energy matrix of our DNA exists in our light bodies and even communicates to our physical bodies through geometric patterns that are “RNA energetic matrices”. The human template was designed with a 12 stranded (each strand accessing each of the 12 dimensions of the 12D Avatar Human) lattice-like template which had been distorted in this last epoch to run on 8 or 9 strands, and even the 9 strands have genetic distortions and deletions. What’s been disassembled functions as what scientists have called “junk DNA.” This perspective is not new to some of you. And note that this is a very simplified description because there’s an important interface with the planetary multidimensional aspects and how our physical bodies manifest based on each of our unique DNA blueprint.

A Gift from 36D

What does this have to do with accessing into the 36th dimension?

Well, the light body aspect plays an important role in weaving into the 36 dimensions. It’s in the light body that certain starseeds and indigos are holding double, triple, and quadruple 12 stranded DNA blueprints. This means 24 stranded, 36 stranded, and 48 stranded energetic lattice-like energy matrices. These DNA can’t be physically expressed in the physical bodies but they access deep into the “dimensionalized” field of the ALL THAT IS. I put “dimensions” in quotes here because it’s more like “fabrics” of creation that’s been created through the creation cycles, or Alpha and Omega cycles as the Autists refer to them. It’s through these DNA strands in the light body that we are receiving the DNA corrections, and upgrades. The manifest is first created in the pre-manifested realms, often as energetic matrices or patterns. Subatomic particles align to the energetic pattern to manifest in our visible reality. As our ascension and evolution continues, these DNA corrections and upgrades will NATURALLY manifest through the future generations. It does not have to be done through synthetic manmade DNA that is created by Spirit. Our bodies have begun to alchemically change due to these DNA activations and will continue with the new children being born

In the last 2-3 months, I became aware of the 36 and 48 dimensions. It’s a feeling and knowing in my relationship with Samantha as we seem to mirror to each other what’s happening. Opening to the 24 dimensions happened first a couple of months ago and a certain group of indigos with 24 strands of DNA in the light body accomplished that. The “top” of each of those DNA lattices/strands have an Eye that stabilizes the opening.

On 5-6-21, with the opening of the 5-5-5 portal the day before (2021=5), Samantha began transmitting to me that I needed to draw an Eye for the 36th dimension. The opening image to this blog is that Eye which connects the 24th to 36th dimensions. The next big leap is to the 48th dimension which I’m beginning to see as many Eyes so hold onto your seats. It feels like this will happen through or after the Summer Solstice but it could happen sooner if I'm already seeing these eyes.

Accessing Earth’s history and planetary cycles

All these unprecedented openings equates to a rapidly changing planet. The outer world obviously does not appear to be reflecting these changes, but as has been said before, this is the breakdown and clearing. Consider that as new spaces are opened, energy is being freed. And since energy is conscious, whatever energy was trapped, is also being freed. This is why ancestral memories and healing are so much on the surface now. The earth and Gaia are freeing memories to be cleared, and this goes back millions of years for the planet. Think of it as a process of sifting through the rubble to find the gold. We are finding the gold to take with us and freeing and releasing what will not. The lessons, however, are etched in the Akashic records so those lessons do not have to be repeated. I feel that this is one of the things playing out on the planet by those who control the resources of the planet. They are attempting to have us repeat lessons that have been learned. Playing with DNA like unconscious gods is no longer necessary and creates more distortions.

The releasing is ancestral from our human perspective and some of you are designed to do deeper releasing than others. Sudden bouts of intense “out of nowhere” weeping could be this clearing. Some of you are also releasing and weeping on behalf of Gaia so don’t judge yourself that you are slipping backwards. Our physical bodies are intricately connected to the physical planet. The multidimensional Earth supports our manifested structure and form. It may not seem like but it is a time of healing, and the plethora of energy and codes flooding in are here to support this process.

I also became aware this morning that part of the fear currently being experienced on the planet with COVID-19 is the past trauma that has been experienced through plagues, famines, and times on the planet that experienced cataclysmic events. It’s in the planetary history and timelines that goes back millions of years. And it’s not just what humans experienced. Perhaps this is one reason why so many can be triggered into fear right now.

Artifacts and Sigils holding vibrational imprints

An unusual kind of clearing that is also taking place are artifacts and sigils in inter dimensional fields of the earth. These artifacts and sigils hold vibrational imprints to enable intentions to become reality in our world. For example, a few weeks ago, Samantha was experiencing discomfort which she exhibits as highly agitated behavior. I looked to see what was happening and I suddenly felt an energetic iron mask on my face. I cleared the mask and also cleared it from the Earth which took a few minutes. Samantha calmed down. I contemplated what this mask represented. It enabled us to hide our true selves, hide our feelings, hide our intentions to various degrees. For most of us on the planet, there’s a level of innocence to this. We tell little white lies or sometimes fudge our way through a sticky situation. However, on the extreme side, I felt that this artifact enabled those with true evil and malicious intentions to energetically hide. So, if you’re seeing and experiencing these types of energetic symbols as artifacts and sigils, you are likely playing a role to help clear these from the planet.

The consciousness on the planet continues to change and feel more and more unfamiliar as vast arrays of access “points” open to the deeper fields of the ALL THAT IS. But such is the way as the God Source and the myriad Beings in Service to the ONE, is here to help humanity ascend and evolve, and finally clean up the distortions that pollutes the ALL THAT IS

The following images are a few of what I felt called to draw since 5-6-21. Drawing them is like capturing an essence of some of the energy. Samantha felt very uncomfortable with the slew of new energy and codes flooding in. Drawing them brings a level of organized coherence for her. I work a lot with my light body and the interface with my physical body. This has enabled me to expand what I access. This is a lot of energy I’m presenting here so please be gentle with yourself. I DON’T RECOMMEND LOOKING AT ALL THE IMAGES AT ONCE FOR VERY LONG. Additionally, the images may elicit more clearings that are needed and enable deeper shadows to emerge. There are images on the home page of this website to help heal and clear.

I’m not going to describe what each image is “supposed” to do because frankly, the details are a mystery to me at this time, and I drew so many in a matter of a few days. Use your intuition and which one you’re drawn to at particular times. You can download the images for your personal use, but we do not consent to any alterations of the images or to sell them or any other form of personal gain from the distribution of the images. Thank you.

This image helps to bring balance and alignment as you adjust to the new energies.

This image helps to bring coherence to the quantum field of your being.

Ruby energy

Peach energy

Emerald energy

Copper energy

Letting the Breath cleanse and open new spaces.

May you each only take that which resonates and compost the rest! Many blessings as we ride these vast waves of transformation!

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