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What’s up with this 11/11/22 Portal

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Updating the page on 12-8-22 to add the images from this post.

I'm popping in quickly and linking to our short Patreon post regarding this yesrs 11/11. Hang in there. It is very intense.

Ahn Nasha - Symbol capturing 11-11-22 Transmission into Earth

A 46D Resurrection Chamber

This is another incredibly potent portal! What I was shown yesterday (11-9-22) from Samantha and Autists is that consciousness waves of uranium and plutonium from 27&28D is coming through the N-S pole of earth. It’s like earth’s hara line as I think of it. As the earth wobbles, this channel is hitting its alignment with the central sun and downloading these codes. It’s quite an intense time. It seems to have been triggered by the “return” or deeper alignment with the Cosmic Father. This symbol represents the coherent “capture” of this energy. Additionally, as the earth wobbles, the alignment is “hitting” the former north pole stars. Polaris has not always been our north star and changes due to the earth’s tilt and wobble. In particular, Thuban of constellation Draco was our north star about 6,000 years ago when civilization on earth is said to have arisen. About 18,000 years ago, our pole star was Deneb of constellation Cygnus. Interestingly, this would put us in the time of Atlantis. Not sure yet what this is doing to that Atlantean time line but it certainly feels disruptive.

The second image is called a Resurrection Chamber and the transmission came from 46D! Now, reminders, I use the term, dimensions, very loosely here because at this level beyond 18D, the fields seem to become more nebulous and the more accurate approximate description would be like a creation field of memory that the Source has undergone.

Anyway, the Resurrection Chamber feels to me like it’s awakening the Human Spirit and the intention or purpose of the human creation. You can have it up and meditate with it as it feels very physical to me.

*Note: This post was originally a Patreon public post that I'm placing here for our website.

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