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"You Are the Gift"-Sammie

This is a Facebook recent post. Adding it here as a blog for our subscribers who do not use Facebook.

“Hey people, You’ve been through a lot and done a lot but now it’s time to practice being who you truly are. You know you’re not your thoughts and scripts or your emotional baggage. Who are you then, you wonder?

Not sure? Start with practicing compassion, kindness, gentleness, respectfulness...with yourself first then towards others. The world needs this now. Maybe this doesn’t sound unique at all? Well, what if I told you that as a human, these are all things your soul is. As you practice it, the energy of these love vibrations ripples out from your spirit as only you can and soon you’ll start to feel that uniqueness that is truly you. Only you can give compassion in that special way. One day, you’ll realize that you are being drawn to the people and places that match this and you’ll be living a life that is co-creating peace on earth. I know it doesn’t look like it right now so it’s even more reason why this is needed.

As you’re emptying out old thought patterns and emotions, replace them with loving thoughts, self-respect, kindness, peacefulness... Practice how these words feel in the empty spaces. They’re living words from Source and you can rewire yourself with these words.The world needs you now more than ever.” —Love, Sammie through Susan

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