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11-11-2020 VLOG: Planetary Ley Line Activation

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

This year’s 11-11 portal is one we have never experienced before. In this special vlog presentation, I summarize a bit of what has come through since this years Lion’s Gate of 8-8-20 and how it never closed and then coalesced into this 11-11 portal. I was shown a couple of weeks ago that this 11-11 portal would involve Sirius A, B, and C. On the day of 11-11, I experienced extreme vertigo at one point and as I inquired what I should do, I suddenly saw the earth’s south pole at my tailbone and the word “Sirius C” on the top of my head as I received the transmission. I could “see” that the magnetics of the earth is being activated and undergoing profound changes. Afterward, I could see diamond dragons and the words “crystalline grid”. It feels like the planetary Yin is activating in a very new way. The Yin to me is the PHYSICAL expression or EMBODIMENT of the Sophia or Holy Feminine aspect which is the Magnetic Principle. The physical earth is embodying Yin as the activation current from Sirius C is blazing through the ley lines of the earth. This radically alters and upgrades our PHYSICAL connection with the earth. A suppressed feminine or distorted feminine has enabled an unbalanced masculine or Yang principle to express as physical aggression. This vlog is a bit complex and will resonate with each viewer at different levels (or not at all which is okay, too). You may be feeling woozy and nauseous as these changes are underway. One of the things you can do is work with your dan tien that those who practice martial arts or yoga do. It feels like the magnetic core of our physical bodies which runs on the central vertical channel located just behind and below your navel.

Here are the links I used in the vlog as other references:

Images used in the video below:

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