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Calling All Grid Workers

First, big hugs and a joyful hello to all of you. I’m popping in quickly in between more activations and “downloads” to follow-up on the grid work with the Exquisite Pulse of Christ Consciousness that I posted a couple of weeks ago. But before I get to that, I just want to mention some powerful activations happening and the influx of new “creation technologies” to assist us as we alchemically change to adapt to the new Earth and the new Universal Architecture.

*If you followed our work in December 2018, we brought through the consciousness of 12 Galactic Suns from beyond our known universe or beyond the 7 higher heavens. They transmitted cosmic Laws to be infused into our dimensionalized system. The Autists are “from” these 7 higher heavens. It’s difficult to say exactly “where” this is but these Galactic Suns are like universes “themselves” and seem to be the creators of our 12 dimensions. As Expressions of Source, they are imbedding these laws into our dimensionalized structure so that the human understands these laws as “gnosis” - inner knowing. This new or “refreshed” dimensionalized system is now activating. We access these dimensions through our chakra system. The first, second, and third dimensions are undergoing the most radical change at this time - yes, this refers to 3D and refers to the dense body. You may be feeling a lot going on in the root and sacral at this time. You can check out our free work we did on the Galactic Suns page.

*Additionally, the God’s language of numbers has undergone a “regenesis”. You may be seeing number sequences and various master numbers. The language of numbers directly relates to God’s Infinite Calculus or mathematical formulas of how to translate light, sound, harmonics, quanta, etc.. into the matter world. Samantha is also adding in this moment that liquid light is playing a huge role in the transformation of matter; the Spiritual alchemy of transducing God's languages into matter. In the distorted or fallen 3D matrix we’ve existed within, these number codes and mathematics were also “hijacked” and as they are being reclaimed, they are in a sense being cleansed and returned to their original meaning.

*A couple of days ago, I woke to a great deal of energetic activity in my body and a black lotus flower appeared right at the base of the perineum. It began to emanate sparkles of multicolored light which rose up through my central vertical channel. And the words, “The Word Made Flesh” appeared. The black represents all colors within it and the emanation is the various colors. The black also represents liquid light or "from the realms of antimatter." The physical body undergoes stages of alchemical changes to adapt to the changing multidimensional architecture, and we are being given the energetic tools to make the adaptations. It can be very uncomfortable physically. Breathing and being centered is always helpful to receive insights and information regarding what your body may require.


The Interdimensional Free World Council transmitted “information” several weeks ago that the inter dimensional “spaces” or fields are also being cleansed and undergoing changes. The image above represents “black and white holes” at the 16, 17, 18, and 19th dimensions supporting this “rewiring”. It is a “rewiring” of the cosmos in a sense in how energy and consciousness flows and how God Source is connected to us at macro and micro levels.

If you’ve been doing the grid work with the image and blog we posted, “the Exquisite Pulse of Christ Consciousness”, then the next stage is to work with the image above to transmit Christ Consciousness through the inter dimensional fields. You’ll notice that within the image, posted above at the beginning of this blog, is Earth. If you choose to do this grid work, focus on awakening more people, helping those on the frontlines to maintain our Freedom in love, peace, and compassion. I particularly focus on our justice system, the legislature, my local community consciousness, and institutions.

It’s important to stabilize your central vertical channel and be grounded when you’re doing grid work. Shield yourselves to protect yourself of implants, too, and don’t forget to clear your energy field after. I send through waves of white liquid gold from my tailbone into the earth and intend to connect to the multidimensional earth as a way to ground. Do what feels right for you, and remember to breathe deeply and stay in a neutral state. This enables energy to flow more readily. If you come across blocks in the grid, ask how you can move through the block and clear it. Remember there are beings of this Inter-dimensional Free World Council who can help.

Samantha keeps telling me, “It’s gonna be good. The power of the fallen ones is decreasing." Hang in there!

And stay tuned for a Patreon page we're launching! There will be an option to join a monthly hang-out to talk about what's going on. Living with Samantha, I'm receiving many new energetic "tools".

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