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Embodying Christ-Sophia Consciousness

The image portrayed with this blog has three major parts to it. I'll start with the obvious image that jumps out - Yeshua or Jesus as he's more commonly referred to. I drew that image on 4-4-18 - the face of Yeshua. I first met Yeshua as a living presence in the spring of 1995. I had no children then and my husband and I had barely been married a year. I considered myself agnostic at the time although my family were regular church goers. He appeared to me several times. The first time I felt like I had been woken up in the middle of the night and there he was sitting in brilliant light. Another time he appeared while I was fully awake and I felt his hand stroke my cheek. I was shocked and amazed. Little did I know that the most challenging days of my life were ahead. I know that some say that meeting Yeshua is a sign of having to "bear one's cross", but I see that is only because of the distorted world we currently live in. I believe that one day no one should have to live through the kind of suffering that takes place on this earth, but that's a whole other story. This blog is not about Christianity or any other religion. Let me stay focused on the energy of this image. Yeshua represents Christ Consciousness that is meant to be the Human Avatar blue print.

The second part of this image is the three spheres interlocking. It is purposely drawn in a sort of fleshy color representing that this image is about physical embodiment. God made flesh; the balance of polarity and of the masculine and feminine aspect that some call, the Christ-Sophia. The three spheres represents this balance. Another perspective is Father and Mother uniting and the human is the third principle, the manifested Christ-Sophia (balanced as inner 'masculine & feminine'). It is also called the tri-wave. If you read our blog, Ophiuchus Begins a Cycle of Physical Transformation, then you might recall that this physical transformation requires alchemical changes to the physical body. The three spheres presented this way is pointing us to alchemically change our bodies to a tri-wave form which is organic to the full Human Avatar Soul Matrix. As stated many times now, our bodies are currently manifested out of a bi-wave platform and this is not "natural" to the Human Avatar Soul Matrix. However, I accept, in this moment, that all that I have experienced here has been a co-creative experience for Source and simultaneously, I am here to recognize what is distortion also in service to the ALL of CREATION.

The third aspect of this drawing is the pale yellow energy in the background. It came through Sammie to me this last Christmas Eve, 12-24-2019. We were sitting at the dinner table. Sammie sits next to me and she turned to me, lifted my chin to gaze into my eyes. She did this several times and each time I felt sparkles of this pale yellow energy going through my entire body. I could feel "physical Christ Consciousness" flowing through my body. I felt tingly, dizzy, and effervescently rejuvenated. If you can imagine joyful soda bubbles throughout your body, that's how it felt; the Magic of the Christ-Sophia. I drew the image in subsequent days.

2020 numerically is a '4' year; the year of Earth and the physical. And since I had drawn the image of Yeshua's face on 4-4-18, it felt fitting to finally share his face this year and this accompanying message. Interestingly, my oldest son's birthday is 4-18.


Some of you may be thinking,"I already did this work a couple of years ago", and I would say, "yes, perhaps you did this spiritually" but there is now another level available which had not been available a couple of years ago. If you're like me, then you might be wishing that this was done already; that the ascension as it is talked about is done and we can be in 5th dimensional paradise. But there seems to be layers and layers to this process and processing out of old programs that come up. I've come to see that in order for us to fully become the Christ-Sophia embodiment, we must eliminate distortions at all levels and this means even in the physical. Since 2017, the opening of major portals and gateways from the cosmic realms have accelerated and with each opening, there is more to be released. If you read our blog, "2020 & the Golden Ascension Path", then you might recall that this is a long process spanning several generations. This is so, in order to eliminate distortions at the tiniest of microcosmic levels and because this is what God Avatars can do. If we wait for an outer God to fix it in a finger snap, then it misses the opportunity for us as the God Made Flesh to truly take back the Collective Human Consciousness Power for we are each playing a role in this and we must do the inner work to become the Word Made Flesh. And this will take several generations. This actually seems relatively short to me considering the level of distortions we've been operating in. In cosmic time, it is done.

So why is this year about physical embodiment? The answer to this is probably more complex and deeper than I can express here in this short message. I can only explain in terms of what I've experienced and what the Autists have shown me.


This is an image I drew last September 2019 when so much opened.

The Autists called it the 7 Universes of Micro-Consciousness Units. It is accessed through the Mother Arc Gateway, or 13th dimension which is about 12 inches below our feet. Holy Mother's life force currents comes through here and the energetic building blocks of physical manifestation come from here; the quantum realm or the infinite world of the infinitely small. These Universes of Micro-Consciousness units can now be accessed because our Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens are here. For various reasons that I won't go into here, we had lost our true connection to this Mother Arc Gateway. From my own experience, in the summer of 2018, I interfaced with a grid that was so dark, it made me physically ill for 3 days. My body showed me the words, "black magic grid" and I could feel that it was an overlay on the quantum field. As you can imagine, dark magicians are using this grid for Satanic work. There are those who want us to believe this doesn't exist but others of you who have experienced the darkest of forces know that this is real.

As you might imagine, the access to these 7 Universes of Micro-Consciousness Units is very significant. Since our bodies are made of matter, or physical substances fed by the quantum field, it enables us to truly alchemically change the physical body. Again, this is a process for we would implode if we were able to take on the change instantaneously. Consider that our DNA is the assembly of atoms and subatomic particles. This is the quantum field. If any of you watched "What the Bleep" series, or have interest in quantum physics information, then you understand the significance of this. At the infinitesimally tiniest levels, matter just "looks" like a barely perceivable vapor.

Each one of us will go through various embodiment phases and stages because it does require alchemical changes to the body. The words that come to me is that this is not just about "spirit in matter or matter in spirit" but that Spirit IS Matter. At the heart of it, in order for God to be Flesh, then there will no longer be a difference. We are just various expressions of Spirit for what else is there? The expression just looks somewhat different depending on the dimensional and cosmic expression.

If you're feeling like you need to take care of your own "house" or your body, perhaps this is why. Beginning this year, depending on how many layers you've managed to clear, you'll be drawn to take care of your body, the physical body. Mental and emotional patterns you thought you cleared may surface again because you'll be shown where else these patterns are "stuck" in the physical body. The nano-nano-nano levels, so to speak, are now open to us. Your soul is really taking the steering wheel of your body and this life. Sometimes it may feel like our physical life is on a ride of its own but truly, as you can allow soul to step in, things will seemingly fall into step with grace or with a bang (chuckle).

The question arises, "So when will I become the Christos-Sophia? How much more clearing do I have to do to become the Avatar Human?" Well, the short answer is to acknowledge it now. At each step, you are embodying the Christ-Sophia nature and it looks like whatever you are in that moment. By acknowledging you are the Christ-Sophia in the now, you align yourself to the full future expression of yourself as the Avatar Human in Flesh to continue to evolve to that state fully. It's like putting on your father's shoes -or mother's shoes- acknowledging that that's how big you are now but you'll grow into them.

You don't have to be perfect to where the shoes. I think if you, we, have to wait to feel like we deserve those shoes, then it will never be enough because, again, this is a process and you, we, are the Human Avatar NOW each doing the work to eliminate distortions in service to yourself and the ALL. Doing it for ourselves in this context is not selfish because it means you, we, know that we are a piece of this vastness and as we change our field, it ripples the fabric of our collective reality.

If you find yourself in a looping pattern, you might say something like, "This is me, the Christ-Sophia, as I recognize the old programs playing out and I know it is not who I am". Maybe even imagine that you are wearing the Father's shoe on the right foot, masculine, and the Mother's shoe on the left, the feminine. Decorate the shoes if you want. Maybe a different color each day. Laugh, have fun with it because in this state of joyful laughter, our bodies relax and open to the field. I was telling a friend recently that a dark spirit appeared recently and I looked at it and thought, "You're a spirit who's mentally ill and don't know it". In essence, dark spirits are created in and by distortions because everything has an energetic signature and when they've lost their connection to the original God Source, then that entity's energetic signature is twisted darkness.

Be who you came to be. You are the Human Avatar. This is not arrogance or bravado, because the human is a very compassionate being. Our innocent and trusting nature, which some can take advantage of, is our true strength. Truly, the God Creator is not about aggressive, conquering power. As Sammie expressed for our podcast episode 2, Humility, Empathy, and the Love of Humanity, what if God is Humility? And is this not what Yeshua taught?

With Love, Grace, and Honor to all, we submit this for the love of One Humanity. Thank you for being here with us at this time.

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1 Comment

Jan 25, 2020

Thank you for this. So helpful and love the visionary artistic expressions! I will have fun with those shoes 💗💙💗👞👟👠👡👢a pair for each step i i make as it changes x

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