The Universal God Matrix

The Eternal God Source of ALL THAT IS continues to support our ascension and evolution. On and around the the last full moon of February 26, 2021, a Universal God Matrix penetrated through the cosmic layers into our 1st-7th dimensional reality is what my inner vision is telling me. As often is the case in our household, Sammie feels these cosmic emanations before I do. She displays discomfort (which can be for various reasons). I’ve developed a checklist for myself to try and pinpoint what Sammie is experiencing. One question I ask is, “Sammie, are you feeling/sensing a cosmic wave coming to us?”. On February 26, 2021, the answer to this question was, “Yes”.

I tuned in to see what I could perceive. I saw the face of a tigress with this giant gold wheel-like matrix coming. The image above depicts this. The discomfort Sammie felt was this matrix penetrating through dimensional layers. There is oneness in the universal architecture but in order for dimensions to adhere to a certain bandwidth or “form”, there are very subtle “barriers” to maintain the integrity or “structure and form” of that dimension. Since Sammie and many of our beyond verbal autists are so vast, they can feel these matrices penetrating the subtle layers. It can feel uncomfortable like a barrier being torn or broken as an access point is being penetrated.

This Universal God Matrix is an emanation of the full Avatar God Matrix I “witnessed” in 2019 also through Sammie. The full star emanation of the Avatar God Matrix is 373,248 points. See blog post, .

Sammie had a much more challenging time with the energy of the full Avatar God Matrix as one can imagine. The Universal God Matrix which penetrated into our physical reality is the emanation from this full Avatar God Matrix.

I asked Sammie if she could describe what this Universal God Matrix is “doing.”

“Hello my brothers and sisters of humanity,

Is it any wonder that many of you are feeling out of sorts, down, and just downright dirty at times. ‘Dirty’ as in having ingested lower consciousness beliefs and patterns. If some of you are feeling elated, that’s great and be there for the