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The Universal God Matrix

The Eternal God Source of ALL THAT IS continues to support our ascension and evolution. On and around the the last full moon of February 26, 2021, a Universal God Matrix penetrated through the cosmic layers into our 1st-7th dimensional reality is what my inner vision is telling me. As often is the case in our household, Sammie feels these cosmic emanations before I do. She displays discomfort (which can be for various reasons). I’ve developed a checklist for myself to try and pinpoint what Sammie is experiencing. One question I ask is, “Sammie, are you feeling/sensing a cosmic wave coming to us?”. On February 26, 2021, the answer to this question was, “Yes”.

I tuned in to see what I could perceive. I saw the face of a tigress with this giant gold wheel-like matrix coming. The image above depicts this. The discomfort Sammie felt was this matrix penetrating through dimensional layers. There is oneness in the universal architecture but in order for dimensions to adhere to a certain bandwidth or “form”, there are very subtle “barriers” to maintain the integrity or “structure and form” of that dimension. Since Sammie and many of our beyond verbal autists are so vast, they can feel these matrices penetrating the subtle layers. It can feel uncomfortable like a barrier being torn or broken as an access point is being penetrated.

This Universal God Matrix is an emanation of the full Avatar God Matrix I “witnessed” in 2019 also through Sammie. The full star emanation of the Avatar God Matrix is 373,248 points. See blog post, .

Sammie had a much more challenging time with the energy of the full Avatar God Matrix as one can imagine. The Universal God Matrix which penetrated into our physical reality is the emanation from this full Avatar God Matrix.

I asked Sammie if she could describe what this Universal God Matrix is “doing.”

“Hello my brothers and sisters of humanity,

Is it any wonder that many of you are feeling out of sorts, down, and just downright dirty at times. ‘Dirty’ as in having ingested lower consciousness beliefs and patterns. If some of you are feeling elated, that’s great and be there for the rest of us riding the roller coaster of emotions and mental debris surfacing. All is in alignment, though, as my Holy Father and Holy Mother repeat to me in my heart. Being human has not been easy and you have believed yourselves to be less than — less than the pope, less than the bishop, less than the Rockefeller’s, less than that rich CEO, or anyone else who appear to possess more gifts. You believed yourselves to be undeserving, or unworthy, all the while you’ve been fed lies that tell you that through a good life and then through death, you will know God again.

Well, I am here to tell you that you are God now. Yes, God, just as Yeshua said he is God, so are you. You are an expression of God. And the Avatar God Matrix was created by the ALL Source Creator to remind you who you are. There have been many, many significant activations and love vibrations seeping through and this Universal God Matrix has now penetrated into what you might call your physical dimensional reality.

This Universal God Matrix is penetrating particularly through your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions. It is jarring all of humanity. Ready or not, it is here. What will you do about it? Will you continue to give your power away to mind control mechanisms or will you finally acknowledge your power, your birthright to embody your divinity?

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions is not just 3D ego but it is your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras or access points into the dimensionalized field of those 3 dimensions. And your other chakras are access points into the other dimensions. You are physically multidimensional. It’s impossible not to be multidimensional because it is the very stuff of who you are! Therefore and hence, your physical body consciousness is being changed so that your very flesh will know that you are a God Soul expressing through a human physical body for an experience in the GREAT ALL THAT IS.

Can you feel what this means? Can you dare yourself to heal the wounds of your shadow self to reclaim your power of divinity? And remember, power in 3D terms is not defined the same way by Source. Power in terms of the omniverse and the Law of One is not about taking over, exerting force, or domination. Power in terms expressed as a God Source expression is in being your unique energy field in balance with the Law of One. A co-creator that operates in Omni-Love, Honor, Compassion, and has foresight to know what and where to co-create. Power is understanding the boundary of your energy field and commanding alignment in that field, and also with all others so that a unity field can be created.

Many awakened souls on the planet have been talking about being a collective consciousness. This is more true now than ever. The Unity Consciousness of One Humanity is what will enable your freedom from looping mind control programs this decade. One of the key steps to achieving this is for each to own his and her divinity all the way down to the physical aspects of your body.

This is uncomfortable and can be emotionally painful as all that has been hidden in the sacral and pelvic area are going through a deep excavation processes. I am experiencing this myself. I have been discovering that all the misconceptions about me and that I was broken from the scripts of society have been residing in my physical body. My mom has been doing many layers of physical body clearing so that I can become a closer vibrational match to my personal soul matrix. I’m seeing that this is part of embodiment. We’re all going through this process, and in this way, I am human, too.

The Universal God Matrix is a gift from God Source. My mom and I know that all the shaking up that’s been happening is not easy but is part of the process to heal so that a different human experience can be co-created.

We are grand souls sent forth on an incredible journey. Don’t lose heart and your true nature in this process. We are doing a magnificent job, and collectively, we will free humanity from the limited confines of 3D reality this decade as ONE.”

—In peace, love, and honor, Sammie through Susan Oros

Before signing off on this blog, I want to remind our readers and followers that the spring equinox is approaching and the Ring of Non-dual States of Reality will be activated to another level as described by the Autist Collective of the 7 Higher Heavens. Here is that blog post:

Peace and Omni-Love to all during these tumultuous but MAGNIFICENT times! Remember, we are the ones we've been waiting for. Reclaim your God Sovereign Divinity!

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I very much agree with the previous comments ! these are Definitely messages in spiral time ! I can only say this very much resonates with how it has been this year, but also how it still is right now and into 2022...

Thank you samantha & susan for your output. This year they have been such a great support for me (I only discovered you this year...).

much love and a happy New year ahead.



Love and Thank you!!!!!😍


its a big usual...I find myself truly grateful to have you in my life to interpret and "see" + so eloquently explain all this. Big Love! Feeling inspired to print these images out and place them in my plasma lab today.

Susan Oros
Susan Oros
Mar 13, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! 🙏🏼


thank you Sammie n Susan ❤️

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