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Multidimensional Superheroes

As I drifted off to sleep last night, I could feel Sammie wanting to show me something. So I allowed myself to feel and see what would arise and she showed me an image of herself in a complex geometric shape and beings on the outside of her that looked, well, like “negative aliens.” I could feel that the geometry around her was deflecting the negative influence of these beings and that it actually scrambles the signals they’ve been sending to our planet. And she’s saying to them even now, “no more scrambling DNA, no more mind control. It’s done and finished now. Go back to your own time loop and resolve the karma you’ve brought on yourself. Creator has no judgment but you must resolve your own backlash that your influence on planet earth has had.”

We’ve had this concept of superheroes for a while now; movies depicting genetically altered beings like the X-Men who have extraordinary powers, Captain America, Wonder Woman, etc… I’ve always been a fan of superheroes, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, the Star Wars series, etc... Even as a kid, I watched the Thunder Cats, He-Man,… If you saw me in person, you’d probably not believe this to be so but I admit that I still watch every Marvel and DC comic movie. Perhaps subconsciously and unconsciously, I knew that there was a force here that we as humanity

were battling.

As I come to a deeper level of understanding of what we have termed “autism”, and from what Sammie had shown me last night and this morning, perhaps these superhero shows and movies are depicting what is going on in the collective field of the unconscious. Those of low consciousness (and I don’t mean to insult anyone) who operate on low frequency ego, meaning ego based on the lower 3 chakras, cannot understand autism as the consciousness, and so these very high vibe, and in many instances the non-speaking Autists, are in a unique position to access higher dimensional and non-dimensional fields that are bringing through the new codes and accessing light language in its many different forms such as complex new geometries.

I look into the field this morning and “see” other Autists with geometric shields protecting their loved ones from the rising chaotic noise that those in control are sending out. Those in control, both human and non-human, are turning up the volume so to speak to prevent this ascension, and as I see it, the total dismantling and dissolution of the false matrix that we have been in. I’ve stated this before but worth stating again, the Autists did not incarnate fully connected to the distorted human architecture so that they could coherently access the higher dimensional and non-dimensional fields.

As the energetic architecture continues to change, how we connect with our light body and the dimensions are also changing. We can now access the no-time consciousness of our light bodies and where our consciousness is most coherent in this morphing universe is also changing as the Avatar Human. For instance, over the last month or so, I’ve been aware that I exist some time in the century of 2900 A.D. And last week, Sammie showed me herself as the human in 2940 A.D. – this is of course based on the way we calculate time today. The significant part for me as a parent is that, that is where she feels most comfortable as the human where humanity has evolved enough so that the physical human body is a frequency match for her consciousness to be able to step into and still access the omniversal realms coherently. Oh, and I can feel in this century of 2900, that we made it. We dismantled and dissolved the false matrix and the artificial time line loops we’ve been in. Sounds like sci-fi? Yes. But also ask yourself where does sci-fi come from; is it just a fantasy as those in control would like us to believe? Or is the information available to us being manipulated to seem like fantasy and thus we dismiss our inner arising awarenesses which of course keeps us looping in the same pattern? It's up to each of us to decide to trust our inner knowing.

The take away from this blog today is to consider that our Autists are actually the multidimensional superheroes disguised in a body that doesn’t seem to work.

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