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Ishmaya, 15D Father Earth Dragon

This past week got VERY intense again after the last 7/7/7 (7-25-2023)! Hence, my brain stem is going through a lot and so is my body. Samantha has been agitated and dysregulated; sleep cycles wonky, etc…

The father earth dragon became visible. He is correcting the physical aggressive masculine. He doesn’t “look” exactly like a masculine figure that we’re conditioned to but he represents something new. There’s a youthfulness to his look. I just allow it to emerge when I draw.

You’ll notice one representation of Odin’s shield in the background. I’m not well versed in Norse magick and lore, but it and its gods have been coming up a lot for me in our household for the past month. As the ley lines in Europe are being cleared, the original meanings are also surfacing. I’ve been workin with runes lately which I had never done before. They seem to contain genetic activations and corrections, primarily the 7,8,9D genes/dna. Christ Consciousness is infusing all of these rune symbols.

The primary sense I get about the Odin mythology is its relationship to the 9 realms. To me, the 9 realms symbolize the 9 physical dimensions in which we exist. Yes, we are 12D Avatar Humans but dimensions 10,11,12 are not so physical like the 9 dimensions. Odin’s shield here is correcting the aggressive, warring masculine principle. As I was drawing Ishmaya, I could feel him saying that aggression as a sign of power and physical prowess, is actually an enslavement for humanity.

Ishmaya, along with Zaëya the 13D Mother earth dragon, “hold” the earth’s central channel and is fully activating on 8/1/2023. What impact this will have on the planet is yet to be seen but you can bet it will be disruptive to the power structures and foundations. I sense it will impact our will center physically and neurologically. Physically, the solar plexus and down and also the brainstem and its connection to the heart, brain, and body. The human vessel is being wired for a new expression as Soul and Spirit of the Christos-Sophia embodiment. Each one of us is unique for a unique purpose, and thus, it is like writing a new soul “contract” for this next phase.

As always, so much more I can say about all of this and too many things to attend to in the physical life.

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