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The Crescendo of the 4-24-24 Full Moon!

About 2 weeks ago, I saw an arc around the side of the moon facing earth. It was magnifying the rays of the sun and blocking lunar or Luciferian consciousness from the moon. As I began drawing it today, more information emerged as depicted by the drawing. For me, drawing these visions emerges into something more. Like energy work, it bypasses the mind and thoughts to reveal something deeper at work.

-The 4-8-24 solar eclipse marked a turning point heralding the move into Solar or Sol (Soul) based consciousness. I hear some are saying that the 4-8-24 eclipse was faked. I disagree. For those of you who’ve been aware of the 1st Harmonic Universe (1D,2D,3D) moving to the 2nd Harmonic Universe (4D,5D,6D) beginning in 2017, you may have wondered what that manifested into. By 2018, the 3D plane was on the level of the 2nd HU. Thus, many began feeling the soul emerging - think of the phrase “heart and soul”. This happens when the heart chakra, 4D, is physically at the Soul/Sol level. For the last 7-ish years, we’ve been making adjustments and receiving unprecedented transmissions to help us adjust. We are now in the culmination of this move - the crescendo. Our Sun, Sol, is activating our hearts and souls to live and manifest the Solar Consciousness or Ra. This Ra, to me is like the healed Son, or the healed sacred masculine. The fallen masculine is the lunar consciousness which ruled 3D just to be brief.

-With this radical physical change, a new personality and ego matrix is being woven in our bodies -or will be depending on the person and how and when this will be activated by your natal 13 Galactic Zodiac imprint. I see this process in my body. The ego and personality matrices are moved from the solar plexus to the heart to align to the heart and soul of our unique expressions. Our ego identity becomes Sol identity. I was guided to draw the other 2 images in 2023 to support this process, not knowing when exactly the activation of them would be. For our Patreon Cosmic Members, see the 9-19-2023 live meeting meditation.

-Other changes underway: The central vertical channel connecting to corpus colosum aligns to high heart & heart. Brain wave changes. Processing thoughts from center of brain aligned to heart. 

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