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Owl Spirit, Your Uniquness & the Latest on YT

This is a quick post sharing some activity on social media account platforms we're on (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube). There are 3 social media posts. Be sure to scroll down.

If you're feeling strange and off, it could be the continued planetary changes to our density and very quantum aspects of our being. I recorded a quick YouTube live, The Solarization of the Planet & Earth Core Changes!

Additionally, I've started recording YouTube #Shorts. Here's acouple of links to check out and the other ones should show up if you want to watch them. I'll be recording at least one every Tuesday, Wednesday, OR Thursday depending on my schedule.

Owl Spirit Speaks!

Last Friday, 3-22-24, I woke with the word ‘forget’ in my brain. There’s minute fractal energy, for lack of a better word, to assist us in the physical body to release, erase, cleanse… past ways of thinking. Even the physical energetic imprints of emotions and traumas that wasn’t able to wash out at fractal/quantum levels are affected. A couple of hours later, the words, “mind over matter.” Some of you might think this is about using words to “think” to manifest, but I could feel it was saying “forget about mind over matter”. 

The greater consciousness, Cosmic God Source, is asking us to allow the mind to succumb to the heart and soul. For the last few years, I’ve had sensations where I felt, as a Sol emanation of God, that I affect the quantum field to manifest. This is in alignment, however, with our high heart (8D access at upper chest) and the heart (4D access at the center of chest). It is at the high heart level we join hands and hearts as a collective consciousness. It’s no wonder that we hadn’t gone past the 7D or crown level. This means as the voices of these two hearts of the human blueprint gets louder and louder, the mind and brain won’t be able control what wants to be manifested through each of us. Try as the mind wants to tell you to go this way or that way, the brightness of your hearts will just be too strong.

Owl spirit has been coming in strong for me the last several days. The wisdom of the owl says, “Let the wisdom of your heart expand and open. This is the transformation under way for collective Humanity.”

Your Uniqueness is Needed

A valuable lesson I learned from my beyond verbal autistic daughter. And I’m not going to hold back here in using that “label” because in this time in history, it’s breaking paradigms. No therapy or reinforcement rich environment was going to change the essentials of who she is. Because truly, the Creator had something else in mind. Einstein is quoted as having said that we can’t solve our problems  from the same consciousness that created them. I can’t verify if he said that but it’s still an insightful concept. I’ve seen people share that on social media and get lots of praise for it but I’ve also noticed there are those who praise it and then see it in front of them - meaning a person who does not fit the profile of what this different consciousness should look like, they’re baffled and can’t seem to accept that such a person like my daughter could be contributing to a different consciousness. The children who’ve been coming in these last 25 years or so, seem to be different. They’re here to break a mold. They can’t be seen for who they are so suffer in various ways. So this post is for them, for you who may have been ostracized for your uniqueness, and for those of us in the ‘older’ generation who have cared for and raised these children. Let’s step forward and shine in our uniqueness and go beyond the many boxes that we’ve lived in. It’s taken me many years to get to this point but I find comfort now in knowing that I am exactly the person I was created to be. #revealingthejewelsofautism #newearth #paradigmshift #unique #christconsciousness #christossophia #IAM

Some of you may be experiencing swan spiritual in various ways. The swan, as many of you know, represents grace (& much more). To me, it represents the Grace that is part of the human template. 

This image is of two swans, Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father. Several weeks ago, beyond verbal autist, Lucy, came through emphasizing a radiance and emanation coming from Messier 17. When I searched it, I learned that M17 is also known as the Omega Nebula and the Swan Nebula. How astronomers and scientists name these things is beyond me but these names are quite fitting. Omega, because it is like the ending of an epoch to elevate to, let’s say to a higher octave, and the Swan, representing the Grace-filled human that is a part of our blueprint.

This image portrays M17 emanating Mother’s Pink Swan and Father’s Lavendar Swan. They embrace you with Love and Grace.

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