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Emerging from the Shadow

There's a link for a free meditation towards the bottom.

From our family to yours, we hope you are well following the Solar Eclipse of 4-8-2024. In our household, Samantha has been sleeping a lot but on the night of 4/7, she was up half the night, laughing, yelling, and jumping up and down half the night. None of us got much sleep. Last night was a little better but she was loud, making happy sounds.

I tap in a bit off and on to what others considered to be the current leaders of this ascension process, there seems to be a general theme of shadow self-clearing. Hence, yesterday afternoon following the eclipse, I had this feeling of emerging from the shadow. The sun emerges after the brief passing of the moon over the sun (from our view) and the sun emerges again but somehow it’s different. It’s the feeling of the sun emerging shining new rays. Thus, you see these aquamarine colors emerging. It’s also the rays of our soul. As we clear and heal shadow aspects, our true soul can emerge and radiate from our heart center.

Shadow selves have a kind of form. Some call these negative forms and there’s an aspect of this. These have a type of personality ego construct. In extreme polarity, these ego personalities have been running in the background at the subconscious and unconscious levels. So the concept of superior and inferior have a sort of shadowy body to them. Why would they have a body? There’s a body that enables that concept to exist, otherwise they couldn’t have existed in this dense matter form. I experienced them as a sort of dirty plasma that’s enmeshed with the flesh at very subtle levels, and I can feel it like it’s been woven in through even muscle tissue. It has interfered with our true genuine self from expressing in a sense. I would dare say that all humans here have had some level of these common shadow expressions running. To the degree others have cleared these shadows, I can’t say. For myself, I’ve been witnessing these other aspects of personality and identity “bodies” emerging which has interfered with personal relationships and how they held me back at various levels.

The first step in clearing and healing these shadow selves is to be able to witness them. As the changes continue, I’m feeling in my body a new identity matrix weaving and it’s centered in the heart, not the solar plexus. The clearings and healings enable the physical body to identify as the soul. As density changes, we are becoming a vibrational match with our souls. This is the change Samantha and many autists have been waiting for to live as a Soul being rather than a 3D egoic human being. And it’s happening on a collective scale.

Last fall, Samantha showed me a golden ring over the center of the United States. She said it is a 10th dimensional ring of the collective soul, and that the April 2024 solar eclipse was very important. I’ve seen many talking about the path of the solar eclipse of October 2017 and this last one. The convergence point was somewhere over the center of the US. For those of you following what’s happening with our dollar, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and many more nations joining in, know that many countries are joining together to stop using the US dollar as the foundational currency. So, with this vision from Samantha, I got the sense that the US population needs to come together. I just got glimpses of deflation, ramping up production of goods, but don’t have a clear sense of time frames. It’s be topsy-turvy at times; more so than what we see now. The general feeling it positive even if the ride to get there might be difficult - more for some than others perhaps.

A 10th-dimensional ring means it’s like our Soul Stars, which is above our heads about 6-8 inches, coming together because we’re only going to make lasting changes if done as a collective even if many will kick and scream. The sun shining through means that the shadow bodies of the US also need to be looked at. The world is looking at us and how we have not lived up to the idealistic words of our constitution. Just as we as individuals are healing and clearing our shadows, so, too, must we as a nation live up to the words. Consequently, healing and clearing the shadows of ourselves is more than for ourselves it’s also for our collective as a country and ultimately for the planet as a whole. Samantha had impressed upon me that she was here not just for herself but also for the love of humanity because how can one enjoy riches while a many around the world are suffering in poverty and lack of shelter? And we can’t keep throwing pennies at global problems that never seem to go away. More are seeing through these deceptions.

Last point because I need to get going… Yesterday, I was guided to record a quick meditation to heal and clear our shadows. These shadow selves, I feel, are based on some core themes that have plagued humanity and played out extreme polarity. A negative ego does not mean just concepts like being supercilious, arrogant, and fake but encompasses the opposites as well. It’s also playing out victim roles, feeling inferior, allowing shame to run our behaviors, and wanting to hide and feeling undeserving because it is these programs that keep us from truly expressing our gifts, our talents, and our God-given imprint to be who we came to be. As many of you might know, this is true humility that is heart and soul-based. It’s expressing your true soul purpose with a neutrality that is so matter of fact, you don’t even know you're being it. It’s from this state that we’ll build the new earth. Letting your light shine is knowing you just are and being it in the flesh because once we embody the soul, the physical body, the very matter of our being, just radiates your God-given blueprint. The instructions for what you need to do is in your genetic coding.

As others are saying, it’s important at this time to allow any negative ego scripts or feelings to arise in the body. For example, if you’re feeling particularly inferior and discouraged, let your body feel the energy of it because it is in this way, the energy of the consciousness or shadow body enmeshed in flesh be seen where it is and can be dissolved in the physical. It’s not necessary to mentally rationally justify why you’re as good as someone else because then you’re running a mental looping pattern. This process enables the soul and body to unify and develop a new core identity as a Soul or Sol.

Take a look at this ascension glossary link and then follow the link for the meditation.

*Note: the link for the meditation will expire in 30 days. We will get it up on our website.

Scroll down a bit to find 7 houses of ego.

Meditation Intention: On this day, we intend to call forth the 7 houses of negative ego and shadow selves which have been running at the subconscious and unconscious levels. Those aspects of ourselves which may have led to feelings of guilt, shame, blame, rage, and others which have held us back from fulfilling our souls mission to execute God’s plan.

1. Addiction / Lust 2. Wrath / Rage / Vengeance 3. Greed / Avarice 4. Envy / Jealousy 5. Gluttony / Waste 6. Laziness / Discouragement 7. Pride / (+/-) Self-Importance[3]

Meditation: Clearing & Healing 7 Houses of Ego (Expires May 9, 2024 and will be placed on our website.

Remember that this is a process and can be repeated at different times in the future. It’s not necessary to do it every day. All this process to happen as is natural for YOU, and a new identity emerges.

If you’d like to donate for this meditation, you can do so by sending it through PayPal (apologies we can only accept donations through PP at this time).

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