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Sound Ether

Dodecahedron of Sound Ether

This image is one I've already shared but more information is coming forward. It represents a dodecahedron, which in the generic definition means a 12 sided polygon. The 2 dimensional image shows 6 sides and imagine on the back side there are 6 more in perfect symmetry. The common dodecahedron that most know of is the dodecahedron that has 12 pentagons and represents the element of ether.

This diamond shaped dodecahedron, however, represents the ether of sound. It took a few months for this knowledge to arise.  It’s a dark matter diamond dodecahedron and it emanates sounds of black gold, yellow gold and white gold. Before light that we see, there is sound.

For those of you in our Patreon group, recall that we’ve been working with the 20 pointed star icosahedron. Samantha has been showing me the star icosahedron for several years. I think since 2015. According to Samantha, the Cosmic Father opens the universal time matrix with the star icosahedron so that the soul can come through. The first two points, top to bottom creates and opens the central vertical channel or hara line. She says that the star icosahedron holds the dark matter soul body or the sound body. With the sound ether now activated, this sound body can be activated. The sound body precedes the light body.

Many years ago, one of the first pieces of information she transmitted was that our body template is first built in the “is-not-space” or dark matter - an “is-not” matrix of our physical matter body, like a photo negative for those who recall photos being developed in dark rooms. “Dark matter” is not “bad” but rather had been usurped, let’s say, because “dark matter” of the “is-not space” is the unseen realm, the quantum field, the sound fields of Cosmic  Mother. What “proof” is there that Mother’s dark matter or ‘mater’ (mother) was usurped and overlayed with reversal networks and black magic grids over the quantum field? Very simply, look at how misogyny and the degradation of the female has been prominent in many cultures and nations. There’s even an agenda to erase the feminine all together. I’ll just keep it at that but I think most of you reading understand this.

The activation of this sound ether is one of the results of the 7/7/7 alignment. 7 higher heavens, 7 middle heavens, our world (which some refer to as the 7 lower heavens), and the 7 micro heavens of the quantum realm. The sound ether activation enables deeper cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic clearings. It feels like over the years to come, we will begin to truly feel what it means to be sound and light, and not a solid form. My mind doesn’t completely comprehend all this because it’s such a vastly different way of thinking, perceiving, and even feeling this information. Just take only that which resonates as always. Be in your power of discernment!

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