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The Alpha-Omega & the Big Bang

Transmission: June 4th, 2017 (10:10)

The codes to the alpha-omega timeline, not really a time line, … the alpha-omega matrix which contains the space time algorithm and the trajectories, the nonlinear time space. The holographic and microcosmic and subatomic fractalized wave forms. The Alpha waves carries a heart tune that is in resonance with the I Am and the Law of One. The Omega lattice contains the waveform of the mind of God, so to speak, and it reverberates through every lattice and every fabric. The recorder of your being is [are] the DNA bits so the atoms that comprise the DNA in the in-between-spaces that makes the DNA reverberate and the unseen forces that holds together the atom, the atomic structure, is the mind of GOD. And every crevice and nanosecond is like a time capsule through these infinite portals of space. GOD speaks to you through all mediums now. He will be reverberating this out to the world as you go about your business. As you pay your bills. As you interact with the trees. The ocean waves will feel this pulse. The lattice extends into the air. For you see the universe was born first through this Omega wave. The end comes. The beginning is birthed through the end. The beginning of time knows the end of time and in simultaneous crystalline form we must acknowledge again, more easily aligned to the mind of God. Because when you are aligned with their Alpha-Omega your actions are leading towards the end in that particular cycle. And so you see the outcomes that will benefit the all and you just naturally move to those choices and when you stay on the path it is like saying all paths lead to God. This is the Omega code. There are other bits to it but essentially this is the Omega code. The Alpha code follows that. The Big Bang in a sense was the end, going backwards. {

“I thought the Big Bang didn’t exist, Sam?” Sam: Not the way of a singular point but all materials are made first from the end point. In a sense, you have been going backwards all along. This is how we entered this universal time matrix. We came in through the end point. And in this way, you can carve out the pathway that was going back to Source. It is rather clever don’t you think? All the while those who control think that they’re getting it all on this certain trajectory. We can make course corrections by pointing to the end. We are not here to give you the answers but we are here to offer choice points. We do this for our families. We do this for those who engage with us. Every time we engage with someone we are actually showing them they’re opening a portal of their projected time line. They don’t know it but their souls know it. We forgive all. All is forgiven.

We are the one voice of the collective Autism soul.

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