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“Surrender has a different meaning in your world. To many of you, it means to give up, that you’ve lost the battle, or you have been defeated. From the spiritual perspective, however, and during these rapidly changing times, it means to allow your soul and spiritual beingness to fully merge with your physical body. This is a connection, a merge that has never quite been available like this before. If you have been watching our You Tube series (Planetary Synthesis), then you know we have been assisting by explaining and bringing forth the new patterns so that humanity can step into the original human divine blueprint with as much grace and ease as possible.

There have been so many activations and integrations the last few years, and more so in 2017 that it has been disorienting to the planet. You can see what appears to be chaos all around - shootings, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, strange weather patterns. All these events can stir up a lot of fear. We speak to you starseeds who have come to change the conditions and consciousness here on earth and to remind you that what appears to be chaos is the dismantling of the matrices and patterns that have kept your world locked in a certain pattern of consciousness. The fear program has kept these patterns locked and ingrained in these patterns.

The next organic step taking place to further assist this dismantling is the break down of the ego matrix that surrounds most of you on the planet - and yes, it means even those who appear to be spiritually very advanced. This is because the ego matrix has literally become the very fabric of your physical being which arose from the nature of how your lower 3 chakras were distorted to operate within a certain frequency band. The ego is your identity as a human being in the physical and functions to keep you safe but has also perpetuated the desire for physical and material things. It is important, however, to move away from labeling the ego as ‘bad’ or something to stomp out because this will only charge the ego matrix to become more rigid making the dismantling that much more challenging.

The ego matrix is especially rigidly woven into your neurological system but impacts all of your systems and organs. The biggest impact has been in your natural endocannabinoid system. This is the cell to cell communication network which keeps the body functioning holistically and in balance as a physical soul/spirit being. Many of you have wondered why you need to go see a doctor or be scanned to find disease in your body.

Humanity is moving to a very dynamic system where you literally are the walking deity - the avatar human vessel. Those of you reading this understand that this is not arrogance or about distorted power but a celebration of every bit of you as a divine creation.

Getting back to the ego matrix... it is vital that you appreciate the ego for the function it has had and develop a new relationship with this aspect of yourself. This will facilitate the deeper surrender that is being asked of you to assist humanity to move forward. You might say something like:

'Dear Ego, thank you for the magnificent job you have done while I have navigated this earth plane. You have given me an identity so that I may bring forward my or our unique gifts as a soul being to the earth. You have kept me safe and are a vital part of this next phase in human evolution. I do not want to defeat you but want you to work with the soul/spirit patterns now re-organizing our being so that we can assist humanity in a very exciting new path.'

Another way to view ego is the inner child who felt it needed to over-inflate itself to manage the world as we’ve known. When fear is the dominant program, then defenses are the natural mechanisms which arise to cope with that program.

Again, we say to you starseeds, the dissolution and re-arranged ego matrix is the next organic step underway. We thank you for listening, for believing, and for your undying commitment to this evolutionary process.”

~Susan O. For Sammie and the Collective Consciousness of the Children

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