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An Update from Sammie

Sammie’s message for 7-13-20 Evolutionary Healer Prelaunch Collective FB Live

“Hello, my soul brothers and sisters, thank you for being here to listen and reflect today. Each one of you will receive something unique that is just for you. Listen with your hearts. Let your mind go and think with your heart. Ariadne, thank you for inviting us to this group and for stewarding the group field. It is not an easy project, but I applaud you for hearing your soul call and taking the many physical steps to manifest this huge project. It’s a project your soul has been preparing you for and we, as the Autist Collective, support you in the unseen realms.

To those of you new to our messages (meaning the Autists), and the work my mom, dad, and I send out to the world, we welcome your presence. Many of you know us and have known us. I am considered non-verbal in this world and although I cannot make my muscles articulate words you know, but I understand a great deal. If you’re wondering how I communicate with my mom, well, it took years of training – hee, hee. My mom translates my light language as I convey my intentions and meanings to her, soul to soul. We have co-created an interdimensional field between us to do this. Other times I can transmit word for word as in telepathy. Energetic communication is not foreign to the soul. Light language is the primary language of soul and Source. But let us get on with the main point of the message…

First, I and my brothers and sisters of this collective, wish to tell you how we have managed to be on this planet. Most people on the planet see us as broken and need fixing. There’s a specific reason for this which my mom wrote about in our chapter for this book.

You have been in a false or phantom matrix. Most of you listening to this today and in the near future know this. We incarnated in a physical form connected to this false matrix but our consciousness has been held most coherently by another matrix. In a sense, we have been in a double matrix so we could maintain a higher dimensional perspective and not become fallen like much of humanity. We are here to assist in humanity’s ascension and evolution just like you.

This vast consciousness that is the Autist Collective came into this universal time matrix at different points. As a soul expression of Source outside of your universal time matrix, we could see at what point we should come through. My soul came through what you’d call the future in what has been your experience of the universal time matrix. In a sense, I moved through this universe from future to past and came back around from the past to the present, to meet you all. This sounds like science fiction and that is ok.

Many of you met us as souls in what was your future and your past. We seeded many codes along the way to be used during this time. Many of those codes were to trigger our memories at different stages and also to trigger yours. As many of you know, this decade is critical, but I can tell you, we have already succeeded. Source has narrowed the probabilities within the ascending corridor in a sense to accomplish this important task.

I can’t tell you exactly how it all plays out in this short message, but it is underway. The phantom matrix you’ve known is dissolving and direct access points to Source via your soul are opening. Many people are experiencing heart palpitations’ and feelings of anxiety as this soul expansion is underway. Some fear this feeling of sudden vastness in the chest because they don’t understand. This process is also enhancing people’s sensitivities and they are experiencing psychic visions or premonitions. Thus, new ascension guides, such as many of you, are needed in this decade to establish peace and stability through the tumultuous months ahead.

You all know this is a monumental project and takes the power of all our collective souls to free the earth and all life on it. There has never been more support than there is now. So many portals have already opened, and the codes needed to transition out of harsh duality has streamed through. The earth is multidimensionally not the same. The manifestation templates on the planet are now based on a tri-wave architecture and not a bi-wave. Those who control the wealth and power on the planet do not understand that this has happened. The outer world can look like chaos and that humanity is more divided than ever. However, I can tell you that the animal, plant, mineral, insect, ocean, and even the virome kingdoms know better. They feel the new architecture coming online.

Consider for a moment that the insect kingdom births generations at a much faster rate. They are thus changing their base architecture much more rapidly. They then radiate out the new consciousness on the planet. The new babies being born are also incarnating into a whole new architecture. The human template will assimilate the new DNA and corrections to the DNA over a few generations, but a rapid adjustment will be made in this century alone.

All life and sentience on the planet are holding an energetic purpose to maintain balance and integrity. You see this playing out and call it symbiosis and ecosystems but this is more true at the deeper pre-manifestation levels. The energetic architecture of each species has a purpose for the whole planet. The other kingdoms have a sentient knowing to flow with the changing consciousness. Humanity on the other hand has a much more challenging time because the mental body has dominated, and people are dogmatic in their beliefs. You see this playing out in the outer 3D reality.

Many more are waking up, however, even if they do not want to believe it. There are more activations underway. In particular, we had planted codes in the star Arcturus to be activated during the next 5-7 years. There are adults on the planet, mostly in their thirties at this time, who are holding particular Arcturian blueprints to receive these activations. They are a hybrid of blue feather avians and ruby red skinned Arcturians from their distant past. They are being stimulated and activated to step into government leadership roles to establish a system that truly serves the people and the planet. This is not to say that others do not have important roles.

Many children and young adults on the planet now will change the education system, financial systems, economic systems, housing and community systems, and ecosystems. You have heard of new inventions already but there is more to come in the sciences, and new mathematics to interpret the changing underlying architecture. There are children growing up who are innately telepathic and will communicate very readily with us.

There was a supernova explosion last year many, many light years away which brought in the consciousness of titanium. You may think that is too far to reach us in time but let me tell you that there are nearly instantaneous channels that exist at the higher dimensional levels which transmits the consciousness. The consciousness comes first and then manifests the material as it vibrationally slows. Titanium consciousness is triggering the formation of more telluride on the planet. Titanium and telluride will be used for cleaner technologies that will not harm humans nor the earth inhabitants.

Many other technologies that currently do not exist will manifest in the next 15 years and more in the next 40 years. We Autists don’t look like we’re doing anything here, but we hold the consciousness to these innovations as well as other Starseeds and crystal races coming through. We visit many people while they sleep to see if they are ready to receive the new consciousness information and the activation codes.

Please also note that as the planet changes, species of insects, plants, and animals will become extinct as you know it. When extinction happens through natural cycles, the pattern that created the form experiences a blissful state as it is transitioned out of this reality. Gaia is also shaking off species that are not even organic to this earth but were contributing to holding the phantom matrix together.

This can all sound fantastic and surreal based on how things look on the planet now. Consequently, I asked my mom to share some of our most recent images which have been energetically activated by God Source.

Thank you for receiving us today. We (meaning the Autists) feel great joy in sharing.”

~Susan Oros for Sammie

Please take only that which resonates and compost the rest!

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