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Hyper Cube Technology to Manifest the New Earth!

As this ascension and evolution continues to accelerate, this cube holds the Phoenix spiritual essence for each soul when ready.
Phoenix Cube to assist Souls to next level

The year of 2022 is to be the year when we can truly begin co-creating the new earth. Cubes, as some of you know, represents the element of Earth and 22 is referred to as the master builder number. Can it be that we're finally going to begin manifesting the new? So many new codes and resets happened. So much is also breaking down as we witness disclosures and shocking truths. I feel as though I've been saying this for so many months now, that it's time to co-create the new (and certainly there are people who've been manifesting the new ), part of me doesn't quite believe it yet. But I just keep doing my thing here with Samantha and family.

About 3 weeks ago, Samantha brought through a whole stack of cubes. She was pre-occupied all night and obviously not "here" and the next morning, I woke to a vision in my heart's center of a whole stack of cubes. Think of a rubix cube only extended longer. I drew the stack as best I could and then each one began to unlock or appear in some way. I began drawing cubes throughout the day. It's kept me busy daily since then. I keep drawing them in order to help Samantha feel comfortable. She becomes dysregulated until I start drawing. I'm sharing two of them in this blog as I'm barely able to finalize them. I'm also sharing an image of the new Lotus of Life which replaces the Flower of Life many might be familiar with. There are at least 128 cubes and so far there is a cube for mushrooms and the mycelium network, one of new nature spirits being released, for ocean life, each planet in our solar system, for each of the 13 Zodiac constellations, one for simians, for the plants, the mammals...

With the upcoming June 6, 2022 portal ( 6/6/6 by the way), there will be a major shift as these cubes activate. What are the cubes "doing"? Cubes represent the Earth element and the representation of form. So, this means that all the activity that happened in the higher realms (including the new codes and resets of the language of numbers, the platonic solids, the fractal geometry equations, etc...) is now coming together and being organized, if you will, by this hyper cube technology. It means we can now manifest the new. What you see looks like the cube you've known, but make no mistake, these cubes are of meta-dimensional codings. It means they vibrate higher and are in symmetry based on the new Source Language of Mathematics or God's Infinite Calculus which dictates the organization of Grand Cosmic Cycles down to the manifestation of form in 1st to 3rd dimensional form and reality. "Wait, I thought 3D was over." 3D based on lower ego vibrations and distorted consciousness is over, but 1D, 2D, and 3D exist in higher vibrational states and where our souls can integrate with the human vessel in a new way - our ego identity shifts to soul based where we are in constant consciousness collaboration with God Source. It may not look like it right now, but as many others are noting, it's all about soul living. And Soul living in an exquisite divine union with the physical body, means we must also change our density and our consciousness. This is the basis for 5D earth manifestation as the basis to access and integrate higher dimensional states.

*I'm compelled to add a note here that I am hearing that there are groups gathering for this 6/6/6 to meditate and empower the black cube, which is an energy harvesting system, or other types of ceremonies which are actually satanic. 666 is another number which had been inverted from its true meaning. Use your discernment and be wary of these mass group meditations at this time. Although these numbers have been reset to the original meaning, it's unclear to me what happens to people as all distortions and "negative" beings have not been completely cleared out.

This cube imprints into us the sense that everything is conscious and that the Universe is truly alive. I recall receiving this symbol a couple of years ago like a jolt of lightening and seeing the name "Yani, the Universe is Alive".
Yani Cube - the symbol Yani in the image means "the Universe is Alive"

Thus, the Phoenix cube holds a spiritual phoenix essence for every soul on the planet who chooses to remain on the earth and has a purpose to serve. As the changes accelerate, more will go through stages of ego and spiritual death as what is not in alignment with their soul will shed, and out of the ashes, the Phoenix cube will assist the soul to rise up and offer glimmers of light to break through. I know many of you reading this have gone through such deaths and it is not easy.

I have to also take a moment here and mention that this is also NOT Metatron's Cube as that cube technology was high jacked many thousands of years ago. I know many who hold on to the beloved Metatron and I am not saying that Metatron is "good or bad" but that all the codes that comprised the platform from which our reality was created had been high jacked an usurped to create a 3D lower density and ego based systems of reality. How was a phantom matrix created? The simplified answer is that multidimensional beings of really low consciousness twisted and inverted God Source codes and laws to hold humanity in a phantom hologram. So this means that the Fibonacci spiral, the Flower of Life, and Metatron's cube have all been usurped to create foundations of reality and systems which harvests the energy of others to stay in power and control. There certainly is a great deal of beauty and light in this system because of its multidimensional nature but it has been a closed system that takes energy without replenishing and enslaves groups and races of people and the natural forces of our world including the Earth Mother. We're witnessing the breakdown of systems which have been based on the twisted architecture so that we can build with the new and replenished Creation Technology.

When it's said that we need to go back to the old ways, I've come to see that it means re-awakening the inner gnosis that everything is conscious, the cosmos and the universe is conscious, there are natural laws and ways to live with all life, and God speaks to us through everything we can sense including the constellations, the numbers, the harmonics, etc... And our awakening and the tools to build the new is upon us and streaming through wave after wave after wave. The image of the Yani Cube is one such hyper cube technology which imprints into us the remembrance and sense that the cosmos and the universe is indeed alive. The onslaught has been never-ending this year, but truly, something magnificent is happening despite all the disclosures, the fractured consciousness, and tragedies we are witnessing.

And just to make sure we have the new pieces, in the last two days, a new Lotus of Life was activated to replace the Flower of Life which some people call the Daisy of Death because it's been the basis for what manifests our bodies in the current symmetry and proportions but causes us to age. In the center is the golden egg of life which connects to the 8 original cells that still reside in the tailbone/perineum area. If we are to activate new genes, the underlying basis to manifest it must be new. Everything we believed is under review at this time. The truth we hold onto in the seeming insanity is our soul essence and trusting in our innate goodness, compassion, and love of the Creator God.

This replaces the Flower of Life which has been based on a closed bi-wave geometry.
The Lotus of Life replacing the Flower of Life

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