More Planetary Changes Underway

by Susan Oros

This energy above came through on 3-15-21 from the 28th dimension and "translated" to make it "usable" in our reality. I drew the flow as I could feel the energy coming through Samantha.

*Note that I've begun to call "Sammie", "Samantha" to reflect her adult self.

Planetary changes accelerated since the Spring Equinox and many of you probably feel it! I see changes to the planetary grid and ley lines which in turn affects the energy flows in the human body via our meridian channels and our other energy bodies and systems. Reversal networks appear to be clearing so this is an important time to allow the flow of energy to organically go where it “wants to go.” The “new calculus”, for lack of a better term, activated directing these flows. It affects time vector codes at personal, collective, and planetary levels. I won’t say I fully understand the details, but I feel and sense deep and cosmic changes to the planet and the way energy is moving. I know some of you reading this feel it, too.

Many new access points opened at macro and micro levels in alignment with the “new calculus” that directs energy flows, and the vast new potentials and probabilities of what can be created. As I work with Samantha, I see arrows of energy moving, access points closing and new ones opening. Samantha also has shown me what she calls, “intra-spacial dimensions”, an approximate description at this time. These look like hollow tubes to me that are like connectors of the highways of “supra-consciousness.” In a sense, the ALL THAT IS consists of many, many “layers” or “dimensions” of Creation, and there are systems or “laws” in how ALL is connected, interconnected, and intra-connected. The language of numbers and mathematics conveys these “connections” and how sentient consciousness of sound and light flows. Furthermore, alchemical principles and universal laws direct potentials and probabilities of the manifestation in alignment with the Law of One.

Subsequently, these new mathematics and creation codes liberate us from 3D constructs. It truly is the beginning of the new earth even if the outer world does not reflect it. The foundations of the old paradigm are gone. The games can only continue for so long.

How to live during these changing times.

Explore your creative nature and feel into your hearts desires to express. As an expression of Source, we have the inner desire to create and co-create. Everything is co-creation. Even if it doesn’t look like you’re co-creating with someone, you are co-creating with energetic vibrations which are alive and conscious. When I've "downloaded" new energy symbols, I can feel that these symbols have a “personality” or a tendency in how to be directed and when to use them. This is an aspect of the Law of One that humanity has forgotten. It’s the inner knowing of what to create and what NOT to create that goes against the laws of nature. This created distortions at many levels. Reversal networks in the planet enabled the violation of universal laws NOT in alignment with the Law of One.Thus, the "new calculus" and new creation codes brings us back into alignment with the Law of One. Intentions of oneness with a balanced heart, soul, and mind matters now more than ever. Our integrity matters.