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The Choice We Made

We used to take lots of walks.
Samantha & I November 2016

Recently, a friend sent me the image of a product which was sent to her by a friend, asking if I had tried it for Samantha. The product boasted that it was a “cure” or at least a beneficial pharmaceutical for autism. It had claims that their child started speaking several hours after giving it to him or her. It sounded familiar but I had not tried it. What was more curious, however, was my reaction internally of “why would I want to 'cure' her?’

I was struck by this internal reaction. Several years ago, I felt very differently. 

I processed this not mentally but an overall sensation in my body of total neutrality to this. This is NOT about letting go or even about “accepting” but rather this very calm and peaceful sensation in my body that even my whole neurology was in a state of total neutrality that she has not functioned as the 3D human we’ve known. And in this state, I felt like a vast space opened up. Even as I write this, I feel total peace and neutrality. It’s the mind and the outer scripts that tries to stir up the consciousness that I should “want” to fix her. But this is outside of me, outside of my field. And increasingly, it’s being deleted from my very micro physical layers. 

There’s a deep knowing that WE, she and I as souls, chose to do it this way. Again, this is beyond acceptance, and also beyond the control or influence of what the outer script “wants” us to believe. It’s like closing another door and saying “bye, bye” past. Bye, bye to the “dark ages”. I’ve been there and done that. Done the lower ego game and thing that kept me looping in karmic cycles. Hello to the new. Hello to new horizons. Hello to a world of dissolving old structures and realities.

Has it been challenging? Yes. Are there still challenging moments now? Yes. But it’s become more like an annoyance and frustration rather than this grip of a pattern that was woven through my neurology and body. It’s a feeling of choices right at the high heart level. We had a very unique connection of light bodies. We were one in that sense. She traveled through the cosmos because she was loosely connected to her body, and I have been the translator in a sense, translating in the way I’m wired which may not be the way she as human would translate it. I went through rapid light body expansion in a sense from what I perceived was happening to me. Consequently, now she can embody her core spirit and core essence.

It’s because of the changes underway.

I know many of you out there are feeling this neutrality underway. It’s the physical changes happening related to how the quantum field access has changed. This is due to, what i’m just calling, the quantum kids here. They may present as “autistic”. These children born beginning around late 2016 and on. They’re connected to the 7 micro heavens as I’ve been calling it. A quantum kind of cosmic lymphatic system is moving through matter and thus our physical bodies.

This enables our shadow selves to literally dissipate, nullify. The electromagnetics are feeling gentler, and a subtle but powerful ease is flowing through all layers and aspects of our physical reality. Samantha has been working towards this for herself and everyone. Physical density doesn’t have to feel so harsh and heavy. The collective human shadow personalities are dissipating.

I feel there are other aspects of my self identity still that still needs to be resolved. And it doesn’t mean I will stop getting upset or angry but it feels easier to come back to center. And neutrality doesn’t mean you’re dead and there’s no “excitement” but rather our passion doesn’t have to be so extreme with highs and lows like a bipolar response. It means all our channels will be more open to express and receive. It’s like the pores of our skin is able to breathe more deeply.

Consequently, we can be Soul and move with the Spirit; the spirit of the earth, nature, the animals, and we can connect to our true cosmic and galactic origins. There are more revelations opening as timelines are clearing and the fog lifts from our eyes but this sense of inner freedom will grow.

It can’t be stopped. It feels as though there’s a physical forgetting happening. The body tissues at very tiny levels where cells are tightly compacted together can be cleansed. These would be the dermal cells, skin, and glandular tissues, our endocrine system, the glial cells that surrounds the neurons and nervous system. We’re detoxing physically, ethically, and everything in between those state.  

It’s as if “evil” or the reversed “live” energy is being wiped clean. Thus, you may have moments where “evil” sensations arise from your body. Don’t panic. You’re not going backwards. Notice it. Breathe deeply and let the cosmic lymphatic system move it out. <More about the cosmic lymphatic system can be seen on the February vlog just posted. These are excerpts from our monthly Patreon meetings. The meditation piece is in the Patreon meetings for cosmic members.>

Samantha will get agitated, but I feel an inner calm and an internal knowing that she's working on something. Sometimes I know what it is and other times, not. In the past, I would run scripts in my head that she’s never going to improve but as there’s this dissipating energy to cleanse in between the deep, deep tissues, that thought is not so easily triggered. It was keeping me in a sort of binding. This is what was needed. No rational thought is needed. No justification or mental processing is needed. It’s another step in FREEDOM. 

I’m sharing this level of a personal process because many of you are likely having a similar process with some other struggle you may have been having in your life. Again, it’s not a letting go or accepting. It just is because of the transmissions at a whole new level. 

I choose. We choose. 

I create. We co-create. 

 We witness as the archons try to stimulate the same patterned thinking but when there’s nothing in the body to attach it to, then we see them acting like toddlers having a tantrum. And try they are and will. But Humanity will rise to another level. I feel the theme of the upcoming eclipses is COLLECTIVE FREEDOM. It may get ugly at times and in some places but it’s over. It’s over because we decree it to be so. Feel the pathway open wide. It’s inevitable that Samantha will talk, communicate, speak in whatever way she chooses. In my own neutrality and just matter-of-fact knowing, we chose to do it this way. There is no door we stepped through because there is no door, just wide open probabilities.

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4 commentaires

Susan Oros
Susan Oros
19 mars

Yes, I wanted to convey there’s something underway that’s relevant for each of us. Healing of wounds that’s been held in the flesh.


Dear Susan, thank you so much for this beautiful blog!I find It very inspiring and so relevant for what is happening in my life at the moment …”Another step in FREEDOM “ it is !!!I feel the difference between what is going on now and he usual “acceptance and letting go”.Thank You both Samantha and you for the wisdom and knowledge you bring in such a humble and powerful way always …I don’t often react to what you share out of shyness but I do read most of what you write and it is a great source of inspiration always and a great support for my journey …Thank you thank you thank you 🙏

Susan Oros
Susan Oros
19 mars
En réponse à

Thank you for taking the time to share!


Really beautiful testimonial, very encouraging also for all of us I find. The description of the way in which the world is changing inside and out is very clear and mind broadening to read.

Autism has a very special role and place in the awakening/ascension process. 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍

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