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The Cosmic Gifts of the 222222 Portal

A new dragon from the realms of Pure Breath

The year of 2022 started off with quite a bang! The activation of the 16, 17, & 18 “dimensional” portals was quite an event for Samantha (see the Vlog) and the 2/22/2022 portal opened into another realm of the ALL THAT IS which came through like an earthquake in our household. We have some new holes in our walls as Samantha somehow played a role in opening this access point. I began drawing images to see if it would help her return to some type of homeostasis again. These are monumental changes in the cosmos and impacts us in the physical as God Source reconnects and re-weaves primordial universes, and in a sense, takes us back to the origin before any distortions occurred. This sounds too fantastic to even believe and it’s difficult to even fathom from this human perspective. If it sounds too big to fathom, then just keep in mind that this world we call reality is really cosmic. Our bodies are cosmic and a reflection and extension of the Divine. What happens “out there” does impact what’s “here”. Over the last few years, activations and attunements have occurred in the “out there”. Although many sensitives on the planet felt changes occurring, as I look at it now, that was the preparation for what is happening now and going forward.

The major pieces and access points are now in place to truly begin manifesting a different reality. The architecture of the cosmos has changed and the foundations upon which we collectively created what we call a 3D reality and paradigm is no longer the same. Foundational belief structures about who we are as humans cannot be maintained because the cosmic foundations or the energies behind the manifestations are literally dissipating; phasing out and in some cases, even vanishing. Those entrenched in 3D paradigms and beliefs, however, cannot see this or feel it and continue to attempt to create narratives and propaganda from the old script.

What’s coming from the omniverse now is new tones, sounds, and what we might call the Breath of the Infinite God Source. It starts with the Emanations from Source, the Exhale or Breath that is beyond sound, beyond light, beyond quantum bits, beyond anything our physical minds can imagine. And through God’s Infinite Calculus, Law of Numbers, Law of Geometries, Law of Structure… Law of One, there’s a series of Laws of Alchemy which become the tools, so to speak, from which our Souls as expressions of Source can transduce this Infinite Breath into a collective reality. Behind the manifestations are energetic foundations, and dark matter matrices of the "is-not" enables the subconscious and unconscious foundations to be layed for the light to shine through or "white matter" of what is our collective reality.

It’s difficult to put into words all that we are accessing. All I can say is that it feels like we’re accessing pure Breath, the field where dragons are born. The Autists have shown me that the mythology of the dragon comes from the association of dragons breathing out fire. This Breath from Source which are Emanations from what we might call the Formless One or the Source of All carries codes or intentions for Creation Cycles. These are the dragons and the form of the dragon is like a set of codes to be carried in a form. Consequently, This new access to the Breath is and will bring us the new codes to birth the new world. So, although the world might look crazy as it breaks down, we are being given the tools and the codes to rebuild collectively.

I feel so inspired by the many courageous souls standing up for true freedom around the world. This global crisis we’ve lived through these last two years is bringing more together, as I see it. Our individual differences and perspectives are coming together because truly, it’s our uniqueness which creates a wholeness.

Although these latest images can currently only be described briefly, I’m compelled to reveal them to everyone so that it has a collective impact. Many of you star seeds, indigos, crystal beings, etc… will have unique experiences with them. So feel free to share this blog. We’re on track. Let the world be crazy for many need to vent for all that’s being revealed. Let’s help to maintain peace during this process. Stand in your dignity of being a compassionate human soul for that is who you truly are. Scroll down for two more new images.

From realms beyond realms, beyond realms, and even beyond that, the Voice of God Source Speaks and rings out, calling our souls to activate a new song of humanity.
Sonic Emanations

This image below will trigger a realignment of star gates and portals to the 9 original primordial universes from which the 9 omniversal beings originated. We are co-creators!

Align Cosmic Gateways to the 9 Original Primordial Universes

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