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The Cosmic Tribunal Underway

A Message from Sammie

This is a rather brief message for something very complex taking place in the multidimensional realms. The image I drew above is from a cosmic "event" I watched taking place on 10-5-20. This transmission from Sammie started to come through the next day and I am just now finishing it up and sharing. Stay tuned for a vlog. A 6th Harmonic Universe of 16D, 17D, and 18D has opened up. For now, a non-dimensional harmonic universe of "sound fields". The Founder Races have been filtering through, portals have been closed off, and multidimensional beings posing as 'gods' are being exited out. This all sounds fantastic but is a plan executed at omniversal levels to put an end to consumptive consciousness which would continue to consume universe after universe.

As always, read with discernment.

Sammie's Message:

"I am my Fathers daughter. I seek revenge on no one. I accept that I have been tortured as a soul in many places and many incarnations in the time-space fields of holographic reality.

The suffering I experienced in 3D reality, however, has been the harshest and I am forever grateful for these experiences as soul beingness for it has given me pause to reflect on existence in a manner that could not have been fathomed.

No reality is ‘real’ and yet it is real in experience.

The energetics of the experience is etched in many layers of existence.

Pre-existence and pre-manifestation templates hold the records of the holographic realities and the suffering that has been done must be reckoned with.

This is not a punishment as human minds might think but a return of the energetic imprint from which it first emanated. As the holographic records are released, those who originally thought of the misdeed or misguided intention will have the energetic imprint returned to them. It is like a backlash. This is the seed of karmic return.

When Creator sent forth free will and Souls to co-create, the magnetic principle for all creation to return to its original Source was also embedded. The magnetic principle is a unifying force and is a part of all souls. Contemplate that there cannot be a form without magnetics because the energy would continue to just expand out.

Look at your body for a moment. What unifying force keeps the body intact so that it does not just bleed out everywhere? This is the essential nature of magnetics. It enables boundaries, coherence, and alignment to exist. It is also the karmic return of energetic intention and action. As the onion has been peeled, the records stand naked for all to see who did what, when, and where.

There have been beings in the multidimensional realms who have been passing on their karmic debt to humanity and have played the game for much too long. Even family lines and souls on this earth have been playing out this game to stay in power and control the collective consciousness of humanity. As portals have now been closed and beings from beyond the 15 dimensions have come through, many souls and multidimensional beings are being transited out. Those humans who have participated in atrocities and control will have no place to hide.

This relates to the cosmic tribunal which is underway. The tribunal is to determine the location of the energetic mal-intent so that the seeds can be reconciled, forgiven, and corrected. Forgiveness is deep, deep soul reflection, compensation, and composting. The origin of the mal-intent can return to Formless Source, the deep ocean of primordial vastness; exalted annihilation in a sense which expands into no-thingness.

The Cosmic Pool of Creation is anchored and etched in the no-time, non-void, seem-less sea of forever. These beings who have created gross distortions must face themselves and find inner forgiveness as lessons themselves as they will be directed to appropriate stations of learning. Others will traverse through the deep well of the non-void seas of the Formless.

There is much still to surface. Hold on to your hearts and ride through the waves that only your soul guidance can traverse.”

Sammie through joined consciousness with Susan Oros

Closing the portal to a fallen Universe

Seal the portal to the fallen universe

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