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The Tri-Wave Flower of Life Returns

Are you feeling it? It’s intensely physical. Last Friday I could see/sense the new flower of life coming in through Sammie. She was intensely uncomfortable. If some of you have been following our work, you know that we’ve talked about the inorganic bi-wave architecture that’s been the manifestation template on our planet in this last epoch of humanity. The flower of life we’ve been shown is bi-wave and has produced extreme polarity in our reality. This is even our physical body. Some call the flower of life we’ve been operating on, “the daisy of death” because it has supported reversal currents that has contributed to the siphoning of our life force and makes it difficult to clear our bodies of energetic emotional trauma, and mental body constructs which has caused disease and short life spans.

The tri-wave is the balance and enables the soul to connect to the body in a way that’s never been possible. This new flower of life is based on the tri-wave. This is also Christ Consciousness but this is not about one man or one religion. It is about balanced consciousness as the physical body.

Yesterday, (and I’m sure others of you), Sammie and I felt the deeper activation related to this. I was dizzy and nauseous and simultaneously felt like I was flying. In my physical body I could see these spheres of the new flower of life swirling and the golden mean spiral spiraling. This will have a direct impact on our physical bodies to various degrees depending on how many physical channels you’ve opened thus far.

On top of this, I can feel Gaia cataloguing the species on the planet going back millions of years. It’s as if she’s organizing what’s been organic to the planet and not. It feels like this is also sorting out false timelines and organic timelines.